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  1. Any information greatly received in the request below. Can you also have a look at separating video feeds? I would like to have the front seater using a VR headset and be able to have a monitor screen in the back with instruments and a forward view in the back. In an ideal world I would like to be able to have a third and separate forward view projected into a screen in front of the sim too. This means I need three (3) individual game screen outputs. A VR output. A normal combined game output and a forward landscape screen. Is this possible?
  2. My good friend (former A380 Captain, retired on medical grounds) is building an elaborate home simulator and has asked me the following.... Thanks in advance. if it’s possible to separate the audio into two separate audio outputs for a) the engine sounds and b) the ATC / switch sounds etc? The reason I want to do this is so that the ‘Student’ pilot can wear a VR headset in the front seat and I can have a fixed instrument/visuals screen in the back. Ideally I would also want a third video output for a projector with JUST the external world on it for start up and shutdown. The need to separa
  3. Do current Pimax owners get the Deluxe audio strap for free?
  4. Thanks. I see that simtools panel builder allows gauges to be arranged on additional screens but not, it seems, controls such as throttle, flaps, gear retract lever etc, which I would like to be able to be controlled via a touchscreen. Is there any alternative software that allow controls as well as instruments? Thanks in advance.
  5. Bloody hell, are we still waiting for the VR optimisation? Unreal. Can’t t believe there’s no mention of the Pimax 5K plus. Amazing in DCS.
  6. Thanks. Looking at simtools panel builder for extended display would work. In ref to a twin joystick setup I think it would work if you were to electrically feed all cables into a junction box with a switch over between the two, ie, a hardware workaround. I believe I could make this work with a single pc as long as it’s a monster.
  7. Thanks. That would make sense. Does DCS run on networked PC’s? I would buy your touch screen but taxes and postage would make it very expensive to the U.K.
  8. Is it possible to have a twin seater such as the Tomcat and have the front seat set up as a standard VR configuration and the rear seat (instructor) to have dual joystick control, for carrier landings, etc, and to additionally have 2D panels (undocked) that show the instrumentation that can be manipulated via touch screens. I have knowledge of undocking panels in MFS but not in DCS Thanks in advance. The only (expensive) way I know of a similar setup would be to have 2 separate PC systems via multiplayer, but in the same room.
  9. So what happened to the 50 percent improvement that Waggs promised a few months ago? Have I missed something? Was it bollocks?
  10. Not good. I just did a DCS test and it’s a tragedy. It is much worse than on the versions .111 and .112 - it made an absolute ghosting - the simulator became unplayable: / Time frame generation is ok - but SM is a tragedy at the moment
  11. Wow. That’s a big step forward. I’ll wait for feedback though.
  12. Pimax hands down. And I’ve owned the whole bunch so far.
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