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  1. I have the same issue. It seems to happen when I look at anything on the supercarrier with a light source. Caught it in a screenshot, attached
  2. Hoping to help. I run a campaign for my guys, we're holding at 2.5.5 but we keep testing 2.5.6 to see if it's workable for us. We had quite a bit of internal strife, because we we're getting mixed results. Some people were saying the performance change was marginal, while others (like myself) were seeing too big of a hit. For several of us, it didn't matter what setting we changed, we couldn't get the performance to a flyable level. Then it hit me, everyone was testing things in different way. So today I had one of my guys with 2 installs, try out one of our campaign missions. His resp
  3. Just want to keep this on the RADAR here. Tested it today, failed in SP and MP. I run a Multiplayer campaign, and we're holding everyone on 2.5.5 because of carrier ops... I didn't record the single player, but I have the multiplayer Hoggit attempt.
  4. I don't know what dynamically spawned aircraft means... however, this mission worked a few weeks ago and now all helicopters I have set to spawn on the Tarawa, spawn next to it and fall into the water. The track is ridiculously short. Heli does not spawn correctly.trk
  5. Situation: UN forces have become involved in the conflict between Georgia and the separatist state of Abkhazia. Nearly as soon as the UN forces arrived, Russia began supplying arms to Abkhazia. This has changed the dynamic of the situation. The UN stated that it’s only intention was to halt the conflict and not to regain territory lost, and the forces in the area are minimal to accomplish the task. Abkhazia has been emboldened, however, by the support and supplies coming in from Russia and has taken to the offensive. Overall Brief: Our forces on the ground are heavily outnumbered and
  6. Multiplayer Cooperative mission. 20 Pilots max. 2 Events: 18 June 2200 EST, and 23 June 1500 EST Slots available: F-14: CAP F/A-18: CAS AV-8: CAS AJS37: Deep Strike A-10C: CAS F-5E: Interdiction UH-1H: CAS For more details, or to reserve a slot check the discord below. https://discord.gg/4jndS6U
  7. What did you do to the ATs?? ... and the AEs? haha... Sounds like a fun flight. And damn, that practically turns the RIO into a glorified radio operator, I bet he was pissed.
  8. I'm not sure that's an accurate comparison... Ever had a tell a Navy fighter pilot his bird is down for maintenance?? better come prepared as all the whining and questioning will commence... "Yes sir, I'm sure it's broke" ... "No sir I don't have the parts" ... "Yes sir, that's a downing discrepancy" ... "No sir, you can't fly the plane with one engine.... No sir, that wasn't a challenge"
  9. I have a number of Hornet missions that are Multiplayer PvE. I have them available on my Discord. Most of them can be flown alone, but they may prove a bit difficult. I have a few missions in the Caucasus as well as the PG. I generate them on a weekly basis as I host an episode style campaign on Saturdays at 2:30 EST. I have 4 regular guys but I usually build the missions for up to 8. I also fly in the evenings (US Central Time) during the week so if you see me on discord and I have time I'll host/run one with you. https://discord.gg/SgnseMV
  10. Mine is exclusive to the Gazelle. I have flown the F-18, Huey, F-5 in the same recent time that I have experienced this issue in the Gazelle.
  11. I expect is is AMD/ATI related since Survival and I are both running AMD/ATI rigs.
  12. I do not have the same problem in stable, it only happens in Beta
  13. made changes to settings: MSAA 2X(my normal) and off; Vsync on and off; anisotropic filtering 16x/off. I made these changes individually and none of them made a difference. It seems to be tied to the canopy though. If I lean my head out the door it stops. When I isolate my view to the roof it goes away, but as soon as that front glass comes back into view the flickering returns.
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