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  1. My rendition of SE-DXN, new metal - Corrected for SAAB's unique aluminum finish. Added some missing Parts like Right Side Nose panel, TILS antenna, Underwing RWR Antenna, corrected Aft slime lights, new Exhaust Roughmets, and new SPECS throughout. Corrected panels, Flight Suit, Helmet. Custom Drop Tank -*** .json File must be renamed or Deleted in order to enable correct SPEC functionality for the drop tank.***
  2. Added missing FWD nose panel and black hinge assemblies, and under wing Antenna of some sort that is missing. I think it's probably RWR related... I think other than fixing some Drop Tank issues this one is complete.
  3. I've refined the diffuse and spec even further. Getting there!
  4. I've been working on the bare metal Viggen. WIP Eventually will be No.52. It's missing 2 decals. This is made from the Paint kit. Its not the default paint. I've remade the SPECS and altered some panels on both Fuselage as well as under wings to make it more in line with photos I've seen. I've also redone the exhaust shroud for more authentic look. The external Tank as also been redone -- HOWEVER, this requires deleting the .json file that model shape in order for the specs to work correctly. Currently I cannot get RoughMets to work properly with this module. maybe one day.
  5. Link's should be working. Search my username.
  6. This one is complete. I've completely redone the Aluminum skin spec files.
  7. All of the -B paints work for the -A. So if they're already out there they just need to.be placed into the A mod livery folder.
  8. ...Posted this on Reddit a while back. Lots of opinions...lol. It will remain as is. This is totally bonkers for fun. By an Iron Man fan. For Iron man fans. Enjoy.
  9. What are the chances that we could get the P-47 Pilot put into the Mustang? The current WWII pilot is extremely lack luster, to put it mildly. Thanks for the consideration.
  10. I flew the Sabre last night in PvP group session and noted that .94 is where the stiffness starts and .95 they are basically locked up, with potential to move in one direction only as reported by Reflected. So I guess what I'm saying is, confirmed, it's still a thing.
  11. Thanks guys. Yes available now. My stuff always seems to.be relegated to a mass upload and never makes it on the "front page" of new files. So it's there but you'll have to search! Sorry about that. Took almost 48 hours to approve these....
  12. Fictional Liveries for the F-14A. The -A IOC was only a few years contemporary to the MiG shoot downs of VF-96. I thought it would be neat to see these in some Phantom style colors and markings with Tomcat flair. These are uploaded already. Should be available soon.
  13. They're both ready now... VF-96 what if and VF-124 What if.
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