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  1. I'm looking at VR as an option to allow me to look around the cockpit better (especially with the F-14 releasing soon™) and I can't help but feel bad about the Rift and Vive's price. The Oculus Go is much cheaper, but does it even work with DCS? I've heard that it's also only 3 degrees of freedom. How much does that affect gameplay?
  2. Do you have tips for finding enemy F-15s while flying solo in multiplayer before they find you? I typically fly my flanker on the Dynamic Caucasus server where AMRAAMs, R-77s, and R-27ET/ERs are restricted.
  3. I would personally love to see an F-5A Skoshi Tiger added (with fuel probe and wingtip fuel tanks)
  4. All three, if you'd like. I'm really just curious what people think about the F-5E in comparison to the MiG, its best-fitting opponent in DCS currently.
  5. I changed the title for clarity (but it won't let me change the poll title)
  6. Good? Bad? More/Less Realistic than DCS:MiG-21bis? More/Less fun than DCS:MiG-21bis? Thanks!
  7. Yeah, my fear is that they overstepped themselves trying to make a plane that could do everything better than any other plane. However, we really can't assume anything about the F-35 yet because the government doesn't want to share everything. In fact, they're probably downplaying it's capabilities. Remember, they said the Osprey flew like a brick and was a total failure, and look at it now!
  8. Well the server I play on most for modern aircraft is Dynamic Caucasus, which limits all fighters to fox 1 and 2s.
  9. Testing signature, disregard
  10. Your MiG-23 signature... I see you are a man of culture as well
  11. Question #2: I really want to get in on those Cold War servers with a fighter, so F-5E or MiG-21bis? I think Belsimtek is working on an F-4E for the distant future as well (though liscencing cost and classified tech may stop this from happening). Question #3: Will the Mirage even be worth the money with the F-18 coming out soon?
  12. Yes well the poll only supports 10 options and I am personally more interested in Fighters right now. Also, FC3 aircraft are excluded because they get stale a little faster, I've got two (Su-27 and F-15C) and they bore me to death now.
  13. Is there any mod to make the communications like "Colt 1-1, Texaco, Return Pre-Contact" sound like an older... say... Vietnam-era radio? If so, where can I find it? If not, how does one even approach such an endeavor? Also, if there's a Discord mod to make the comms sound like an old radio as well, that'd be great too. Thanks! :)
  14. How do you think the F/A-18C will perform against the Mirage M2000C? Will it absolutely destroy it in BVR only to fall apart in WVR? Or maybe it will be on par in both BVR and WVR. I don't know what missiles the F/A-18 gets (and I understand the BVR and WVR effectiveness hinge on this) but if it does not get fox-3s, will it be more fair with the Mirage?
  15. Before commenting things like "the MiG is awful in multiplayer cause it gets blown out of the water by Gen IV fighters" bear in mind that there are popular servers restricting the generation (For example, the Cold War server only supports MiG 21s and F-5Es for main fighter aircraft) Title pretty much sums it up. What's your favorite, and why? EDIT 2-23-18 Question #2: I really want to get in on those Cold War servers with a fighter, so F-5E or MiG-21bis? Question #3: Will the Mirage even be worth the money with the F-18 coming out soon?
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