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  1. "AG radar. EXP modes (1-2-3), GMT and GMTT modes, and SEA search mode[WIP]" Since the completion of this item is condition for the Viper's AG-Radar, may I inquire how it's moving along...?
  2. @Viper 13Nice Job Buddy! I for my part appreciate the time you put into this!
  3. Not sure if this was reported previously Bug: Standby Attitude Indicator Knob Animation has been absent for a few updates Can I reproduce it 100%: yes How to reproduce/ description: Turning the Standby Attitude Indicator knob used to be animated where the knob indicator pointer would move when the knob was turned from one extreme to another. Step1: Load into Front Cockpit, either online Multi-Player or single player Step2: Connect Ground Power; if desired, Start Engines and disconnect Ground Power (Same result) Step 3: Turn Standby Attitude Indicator
  4. Not sure if this was already reported. Bug: In Multiplayer Server and Multi-Crew: Ground Power and Ground Air supply not avail to other member in crew Can I reproduce it 100%: yes How to reproduce/ description: Sitting on the Ramp, Cold-Start, either my Human Rio or I request Ground power or Ground Air, and they do not work for the other one in the same jet. Step1: Load into Multi-Crew, allow buddy to join. Step2: RIO requests Ground Power, RIO instruments start lighting up, not in Pilot cockpit. On the other side, Pilot requests Ground power, now RIO gets
  5. Thanks for the read; apreciate it! Well, the Standby Attitude Indicator Uncage-Switch animation of the handle is broken; when turning, it usually moves/rotates the little position indicator. I can replicate 100% Thanks
  6. Chris; sorry for the delay. I completely forgot to respond, but I saw this video and it reminded me: It's quite a list of items that are coming...
  7. It's not a bug and it is pretty well simulated; CV's simply don't announce their position with Disco lights, not even in peace time. Read up on some posts to identify when CASE III procedures are in effect, this here is the best post I've seen so far: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=280143 Real life Naval Pilots almost all dread and hate coming back to a Carrier at night, and especially when the weather is bad. Medical supervision indicated that the heart rate of a pilot increases during combat operation, even in Life-or-death dog-fighting, but not even close to as mu
  8. +1 on the IDS Version... By the way, what will we name the Weapon System Officer AI? Herman?
  9. Hey Pilots, To tell a tale, I've been flying exclusively online the last three months and was wondering if anyone else realized that, coincidentally, over the last two weeks the quantity of players on public servers has dropped a lot, like, significantly. I don't mean just on PvP servers like any of the 4 Growling Sidewinders, but also on PvE like ThroughTheInfierno, which all historically were packed during certain time frames with kill hungry players on a weekends. And this with an amazing new map just launched into open Beta! (Ugra did an amazing job !) Without ANY inten
  10. Great Aircraft models! Love flying this mean machine! :thumbup: But, and I'm sure I'm not the only one, with the new TGP updates come control features that kind of require the Air-to-Ground Radar (SnowPlow) Any news (besides the good 'ol "Two more weeks")? :music_whistling:
  11. Was gonna say the same but you beat me to it..! :thumbup:
  12. Great Guide... Just to clarify, on page 58, CASE III, night ops time frame is set up to complete civil twilight rules? Also, why "last name" after Calling the ball (page 56 Right side below CQ)? Thanks again! :thumbup:
  13. Hey everyone Having flown in Syria, which is a huge AO, I’m wondering if China Lake and NAS Fallon could be incorporated now? It seems the 8GB limit is not a predominant worry anymore... I get the feeling around the comunity that purchasing the NTTR is a waste of money, but IMHO it is a great, but incomplete AO. I’m sure many of us would like to see that change!
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