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  1. Yeah he actually nailed me in my second play through, I think because I was on his right wing. Started over and stayed on his left wing, same distance, and it didn’t happen.
  2. Yeah this campaign really has spoiled me. The realistic missions and scenarios and ESPECIALLY the realistic comms make this campaign stand head and shoulders above the rest. I hope that, with more and more actual fighter pilots taking interest in this sim, that will lead to more involvement with real fighter pilots in the development of campaigns. It’s going to be damn near impossible for me to cringe my way through the dialog on other campaigns now lol.
  3. Yeah I have dots on as well because I have an Oculus CV1 and I need all the help I can get lol, but even the dots don’t help much because they’re always offset from the target at a completely unpredictable angle, and they disappear through the goggles anyway. I primarily depend on Olive although I do usually manage to get one or two by pure luck and it’s fun trying at least. I admit I lol’d at @baltic_dragon’s goggles pic. Yeah, that looks about right
  4. Pretty sure this happened to me a month or so ago. I was 9 or 10 missions in, and suddenly all my progress had been erased and I had to start over from mission 1. I’m near positive that I didn’t accidentally hit the reset button.
  5. Both of these tidbits are great news. Guess I should finally start learning the F-16.
  6. I believe it’s CY11, just in case anyone else has this question. I just flew this mission last weekend.
  7. I keep getting “unsupported file type” when I try to download this to my google drive on my iPad Pro. Any way to get a different file type that is iPad compatible? I sometimes use my iPad as a supplementary kneeboard of sorts if I’m struggling with a mission.
  8. I’m also a huge Viper fan from way back. I think it’s still the sexiest fighter ever, and that big bubble canopy is hard to beat. However, since the Hornet was released first, I spent a lot of time flying it before the Viper was released, and it has really captured my heart, at least in its current state vs. the Viper’s current state. That may change once both are completed, and tbh I haven’t spent much time in the Viper since I pretty much decided to wait until it was closer to completion. But right now, I like the bigger displays in the Hornet, and the superior nose authority is a lot of fun
  9. Question for the experts here. I currently have a 1060, i7 7700, 16gb RAM, running a CV1 which I will soon upgrade to a Reverb G2. I’m going to get a 3080. Other than a new power supply, will I need to upgrade anything else to take full advantage of the 3080 in VR?
  10. Well I ended up waiting way longer than anticipated, but I will be purchasing the 3080 when it’s available. Is 16gb of ram enough or should I upgrade that as well?
  11. So we’re supposed to trust this guy over the pilots who saw this with their own eyes? They didn’t just see the images on their MFD’s, if you listen to the interviews with Cpt. Fravor, they had visual contact.
  12. I’m getting the same problem only instead of Normandy it says Persian Gulf. I don’t even have that map currently installed although I have purchased it.
  13. You guys have given me a lot of great information. I can’t afford to upgrade my headset, gpu, and cpu to the top next-gen equivalents all next year. I just need to get my current setup more playable for now until I get my credit cards paid down. I could go with a used 1080ti, but right now I can get a new 2080 Super through Best Buy for not much more and have 18 months no interest to pay it off so I might go that route. That will give me some time to start saving for a 3080ti or whatever it ends up being called, and a new headset. Hopefully Vulkan and the planned VR optimizations happen in the
  14. Right now I’m focusing on upgrading the graphics card and memory, so I’m not in the market for a new headset yet. My plan is to live with the CV1 for now, but upgrade the graphics card with the intention of it being able to handle the next generation of headsets that hopefully will come out in a year or two. Which is why I’m at least considering the 2080ti. I just want to make sure that it will be worth the investment, and it’s starting to sound like it would be judging by what Aurelius said.
  15. If I’m reading this right, it sounds to me like the 2080 is faster than the 1080ti, so what makes you choose the 1080ti over the 2080?
  16. Not sure if I’m posting this in the right place, but I’m considering making some upgrades to my pc and I’m wondering how best to spend my money. Right now I have an Oculus CV1, GTX 1060, Intel i7 7700, 16gb ddr4. This setup really isn’t sufficient for vr, and I’m tired of dealing with it. I’m planning on upgrading to 32gb ddr4 memory, and upgrading my graphics card, but I’m not sure which way to go. I’ve read that the 2080 gives better performance than the 1080ti, but a lot of that has to do with ray tracing which I’m not sure even applies to DCS. I’m half tempted to go all out on the 2080ti j
  17. I’ve had a profile set up for the F-18 that I’ve used for quite some time, and I just recently purchased the F-16. I jumped back into the F-18 last night and it appears my profile settings are all gone. The file is still there but it appears to be empty. I didn’t have enough time to dig into it last night but at the very least, all my HOTAS settings are gone. So this may be related to your issue.
  18. I can’t seem to get the F-16 to recognize any button that I have set as a modifier. I’m trying to keep my HOTAS controls as close as possible to how I have the F-18 set up. On the F-18 I have a button set up on the throttle as a modifier to give me some extra functions since the x-52 doesn’t have enough 4-way switches. I have it set to toggle my trim controls to the TMS controls. Works fine on the F-18, won’t work for the F-16. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. Everything is set properly in the controls screen, but it doesn’t work when I’m flying the jet. Is this a bug or am/ I missing something?
  19. Hopefully one of the actual Hornet pilots will see this question soon and chime in, I’ve been a little confused by this as well.
  20. I’d love to see more of these, you guys should both get your own rigs and start a YouTube channel together. Show us wannabe’s how the real guys do it. ;)
  21. It’s definitely not just carrier missions that are messed up, I replayed a track of a successful land-based mission the other night and on the replay I got shot down almost immediately.
  22. This happened to me also. I restarted DCS and tried again and it put me on a different catapult
  23. I’ve had this problem the whole time. I’ve just been switching to guns and then back to AIM-9 real quick and then it will lock up. Surely this isn’t the way it is IRL, but I don’t know that for sure.
  24. I’d LOVE to see a dedicated formation training mission for the Hornet. Any chance of getting one?
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