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  1. Yes, sorry!!!! It's pretty much having nothing to do with DCS.... But I noticed some people have my kind of budget (gather parts here and there without putting huge amount of money in a rig) have similar problems.... So I thought a few in the community may appreciate!!
  2. Hi people, I got a solution that fixed everything. After some updates, DCS (as well as all mt others games) were crashing after a while with always the same reason : that damn gpu disconnection. Why would I remove the graphic card when playing, seriously??!! So after a few search, I found that solution. Hope it helps those in need like me 1) Go To Windows Search 2) Search Regedit 3) Right click and select run as administrator 4) Open HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE 5) Open SYSTEM 6) Open CurrentControlSet 7) Open Control 8 ) Click GraphicsDrivers 9) Right Click And Select New In Windows Registry 10) Select DWORD (32-bit) Value 11) Type TdrLevel (Write it exactly T and L should be capital) 12) Double click on TdrLevel 13) Make sure value data is 0 14) Now restart your pc Done! problem solved dxgi error device removed FIXED Despite what it looks, I swear it worked for me so far. No more CTDs @Flappie, here is what you were looking for as for information
  3. Sure, will let you know. That said, hope you won't hear about me anymore
  4. Alright, I improved the research and I found something that SEEMS to be working. I just played couple of minutes on the Marianas, and no crash happened. While using MSI afterburner, I limited the amount of power to 90%. Doesn't change anything in the GPU management (as GPU usage isn't going that high), but so far, it seems to be working.
  5. Here I am back again,. I changed my PSU for a quite good one (Antec 650) Yet, the crashes are still happening!! I can't believe it's from the PSU as it is a brand new one, and it is supposed having enough power... I did read somewhere that it may be a faulty RAM stick....does it is familiar to someone? Anyway, two attempt just now, two failures (feels like a finger somewhere...) Please catch the log files... dcs.log-20210718-124824.zip dcs.log-20210718-130623.zip
  6. Sure I will!!! However, because of a lack of budget, I won't be able to change the psu before the end of the month...
  7. Hi Flappie and thanks for your feedback. I am not using that software, so things are quite clear here. And actually, I think I've got the culprit... Indeed my PSU have been screwing around lately....making a lot of my games either CTD or even BSOD... Besides, the beast got installed in....2014!! So yeah, I think it is time to say good bye. Thank you very much for helping me out!! PS : that can't be an overclock issue as Asobo's Flight sim absolutely HATES overclocking... Dusting could be a point, only if I didn't clean my rig less that a month ago!!!
  8. Hi to all!!! I didn't play DCS in a long time, but I always made sure to keep it up to date. Since I wanted to fly the new map and wanted to give myself a new fresh air, I did resume flying. However, at the first attempt, I got a nasty CTD. I didn't had the mind to let the system creating a log.... I tried again by two times, and it happened exactly the same way (shortly after taking off). I tried to "clean" the installation with the inner tool, and removed all the mods (God knows I had a few), but the problem was still happening. As I have a little issue with others games (Cyberpunk and Flight Sim), I did a test to force the amount of FPS at 30 in the nvidia control panel (since I did it, those two games are running like a charm). As I didn't fly again the Marianas, but the Caucasus, so far, I could get two nice sessions without CTD... Even though my rig is far to be the best, It's a quite decent one...DCS was working nice and smooth until the last update. I attached the logs of the failed sessions, hoping you guys can point me toward something... PS : one log file seems to be too big...... Thanks by advance!! dcs.log-20210712-194641.zip dcs.log-20210712-185137.zip
  9. And also, for the fact, I did set my waypoint for being in between the tank I am targeting, and the one on it's right....look at the WPT marker on the HUD...
  10. Hi people Instead of a track file (that I have absolutely no idea how to get), I made a series of screen to explain. I did a flight on the same map (NTTR), but this time, did a full time alignment, AND, making sure the SALT was the same as my current ALT before starting engine (shortly after beginning the alignment, as recommended). On this screen, you can see on both DDI as well as the HUD that : MAV is on boresight mode (DDI) and both HUD markers are aligned (the cross for the MAV and the box for the TGP). It's easy to compare both DDIs... On that screen, the left DDI for the MAV is still on the target (same spot as on the HUD), and we can the same view on the TGP's DDI (the right), however, on the HUD, the TGP's box is absolutely not on the same spot as the MAV... I putted active pause for being able to properly take those screens, and we can clearly see (well at least, I can guarantee it is) the right DDI (TGP) is looking at the same target s the right DDI (MAV), but both HUD markers are far away from each other. I completly accept the fact that I may be doing a mistake, but Jesus, which one??!!
  11. Same problem For the mean time, how to deal with it?
  12. I was actually trying to do it!!!! Indeed, I didn't set any WPT altitude. Also, I kept my altimeter at 29.92, which is the usual standard when flying above the transition altitude (I doubt real jetfighters changes the setting while doing a dive bombing...)
  13. Alright, next time I fly the hornet, I will see to set proper WPT ground ALT. Alright, will look for that. I didn't end nicely the mission (clear exit to desktop), so it didn't save anyhting...will do another one when I can. But also, you believe it MAY (I insist on the "may") be a dev issue?
  14. At That point, the TGP is on Snow Plough mode (if I understood well), I can move the TDC cursor. I mean, the HUD's mark isn't a waypoint... At That point, the TGP is on Snow Plough mode (if I understood well), I can move the TDC cursor. I mean, the HUD's mark isn't a waypoint... A piece of info : I usually do INS fast alignment (stored heading), so maybe a problem from here... Crap, sorry for double reply... Maybe because I do not set a waypoint altitude when I am setting a new one... It is rare that I fly missions with already set waypoints, so maybe there is something here too...
  15. Hi everyone If that subject have been disccused already, please people, don't hesitate deleting this thread. In the attached picture, I circled where the TGP is looking, and on the hud, you can see the mark is clearly not at the same location. Flying like that is a real hell (as I can't easily locate targets with the TGP, or too late). Not saying this ED's fault, probably my config got messed somewhere. But a little hint would VERY MUCH appreciated. Thanks everyone
  16. Hi everyone Sorry for the title, not saying much, but I knew I'd grab more attention then. Since a few updates for the TGP, I noticed I have a bring issue, even more annoying now that the Maverick is out. When my TGP is looking somewhere (forward in that case), I am supposed to have the proper symbology in the HUD, pointing exactly where the TGP is looking, don't I? However, if I am pointing at a target properly on the TGP's screen, the HUD's dot is looking completly somewhere else. I mean, still in the axis of the TGP for sure, but NOT where the TGP is looking. That could some hundred meters around, usually higher... (ex : TGP looking straight forward, 30° down, the HUD's dot is on the same axis, but 20° down). Numbers I gave here are random, just try to give you the feel.... Not easy to explain, hope someone caught the frogs English.... Cheers people, and thanks by advance.
  17. Sorry people, it took ages since I last checked this post (I don't know why but I didn't get notified for the replies). Indeed baltic_dragon, something may have been odd with the mods, and I am seriously thinking the A4 Shyhawk was the culprit. I had a similar issue with the F-18 (the only difference is I was passing through the runways concrete upon landing), and kicking the little "bug" solved everything. Eversince, I could even complete the campaign. That was a great job people, loved it, will fly it again. Could also FINALY understand how to set a WPT for JTAC....don't hit the head please :spam_laser: Thanks again for everyone's help.
  18. Alright I am going to reactivate it and give it a try...will see and keep you posted
  19. Hi everyone I did search a bit, and I didn't find whatever I was looking for. As everybody knows, the option "Realtime Bomb Damage Assistance" allows to see the damages done to the targets. Basically, I found those poping up text quite annoying, so I unchecked this option. Now however, I am even more annoyed, as I have no clue if my target got hit (ex : I use the A10-c's gun, but since the shells tends to spread...). So the question is : in some Youtubers videos, I could see those text, quite small, on the left side of the screen (rather than the center). Could someone "enlight" me and explain how to resize and move those creepy texts? If ever my explanation wouldn't be clear enough (forgive the frog I am!!), I want to KEEP that damage assessment, BUT, not at the center of the screen, and much smaller. Thanks by advance!!! Remy
  20. Hi everyone As Grim Reapers always says : I hope you are all doing very well I get a question related on ingame (in sim??) messages. Those red and yellow that are displayed at the middle of the screen, every time the player hits / destroys a target. Those messages may be quite useful for a cheater like me (.....), but from time to time, I do find them quite annoying, especially them size and location. Unless I smoked something not really legal, I noticed in Wags videos those messages are displayed much smaller then on my own screen, and most importantly, on the side of the screen. I'd like to get the same thing, but have no damn idea where to look at. By advance, thanks to those who helps, and even those who simply read :smilewink:
  21. Walleye won't drop Hi everyone!! I do wish that issue hasn't been adressed yet, otherwise, I'll get some shame... As said in the title, I have absolutely NO CLUE (despite Wags great tuto) on how to drop our AGM 82. I mean, I am able to lock a target (with, or without the datalink), get a non-crossed VE mark on the hud, and then....no matter if I hold the weapon release button, or if I keep hitting it, the bomb won't drop... I may be French, but I am not that dumb (I guess)!! to understand all the tuto's around here.... Can someone sort me out...before I hang myself??!! Thanks a lot by advance!!
  22. Hi to everyone The title is pretty straight forward, but here are some more details. I do the mission as expected (could manage to do it a second time with my wingman not being shot by the L39), but in both ways, a CTD happens ALWAYS at the same time : at touchdown uppon landing.... It's very annoying as I am pretty sure I am doing everything correctly. Does anyone have a lead? Thanks Remy
  23. Perhaps giving enough fall time to your bomb before turning the laser on.... The small wings on both guided bombs needs quite a lot of speed to be effecient. I believe (this is just personnal) that "lasing" before dropping the bomb may not be a good idea, as on the A10C, there is an input to set the laser to automatically point at the target AFTER the bomb is dropped...
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