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  1. Ok thank you everybody Finally I managed to find a proper solution. In my case this worked after I deleted the redundant lines. I previously had to move the steamvr installation folder to an other drive and the old one remained. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/mixed-reality/enthusiast-guide/steamvr-questions
  2. Thank you for your kind answer Annapolis. I checked them I couldn't find a direct solution. I don't want to disable the windows button rather I want to prevent the crash. Many people report they don't have this crash when pressing the wmr menu button.
  3. Yes in fact one actually do not need controllers to play DCS but I do use of them. i.e. I may need to reach to the desktop
  4. Hello Fellow Simmers, I am using HP Reberb G2. Because the way the controllers are the SteamVR menu button and WMR windows menu button are too close and while DCS running I sometimes press the windows button by mistake. When WMR menu opens this causes DCS to crash. Does anyone have a solution/workaround for this?
  5. Problem Hi I have a problem with vaicom. Pro Registered version with airio and chatter. I had to move my DCS steam version's installation folder to another drive. After that this problem occured. Symptoms. 1. VA log window shows no errors. When I click the TX buttons they work. I hear the clicks sounds. It says listening resumed but it is not listening. 2. Ingame Communication menu opens and closes by itself in ~2 seconds intervals. I do not touch anything. 3. In the config menu all the TX buttons are white (active) though I am flying F-18. Previously I was seeing only TX1, TX2, AUTO and AUX Everything was working before I moved the DCS folder. When I start vaicom without running DCS it acts as same. It makes me think like vaicom or va do not link with DCS.
  6. I have this problem for a while. I can't see any AA objects in my radar. Sometimes it can detect some but in a short while they disappear and no more show up. Radar Settings: A/A Mode selected Master Arm - Armed Radar Sensor Switch OPR A/A Weapons Selected Radar in OPR/CH11/RWS Threats reported by AWASC, heading HOT (coming head on), they are at same altitude and the are in range of my Radar. Radar elevation set for same altitude. I make sure radar cone is painting the treats but I cant see anything. I through 1B, 2B, 4B etc, cycle scan Azimut, cycle ranges still nothing. Also I check target aging 8-16 secs, I cycle throug but still nothing. Any ideas? What am I missing here?
  7. F18C Hornet Cockpit Dimensions Is there any chance that you may share the blueprints like you did for A10? I have checked your website and forums but there was nothing about F18
  8. in your steam library right click dcs and select "properties", go to betas tab and from the drop down menu select "open beta-public version" if this fails do: (caution: this will reset your categories to default) go to steam settings/downloads select "clean download cache" steam will restart go to dcs, right click, select "properties" select "betas" tab and lastly choose "open beta-public version" from the drop down menu. You will then good to go.
  9. Hey Lynx, What is your projects current state? No news from your side for a while.
  10. if I didn't miss something the download page seems to be dead can you relocate somewhere else
  11. Is there a way to edit mission files and change the time of day?
  12. We are flying a WW2 VFR aircraft which is supposed to be flown in VMC not IMC. The instruments is not capable of this kind of flight in a Bf109 K4. Simly not rated for IMC.
  13. I have no idea how to complete the challange campaigns since some of the critical missions are performed in the pitch dark night. The illumination of the cockpit is not satisfactory, no landing lights and in bad weather the airport lights are very hard to see and with heavy crosswind how can we land the K4 while take off and landing in K4 is quite challenging even in the fair father.
  14. Allthough the avionics are all set properly and radio (POH checklist completed) is "ON", I am not able to hear the voice of the ATC. I can transmit my message and readback the text message but no voice. Also I tried to switch other channels but when I transmit a message the radio auto switches to channel "II".
  15. Thank you. I opened a support ticket and they told me that it is a know bug in openbeta which will be fixed in the next patch.
  16. Cant join Burning Skies due to massage below Required: WWII Assets Pack Though I have the Normandy and asset pack intalled and activated. Any ideas?
  17. I made the tests with and without ammo and fuel after you. Thank you again. If it was possible to visually see how the CoG moved with different loadings it will be more clear I believe. I have a rough idea for the fuel as I know the quantity and place of the tank but not sure about how much the ammo loading will displace the CoG.
  18. I took some flight tests with different loadings. The find out that the fuel amount makes drammatic changes in the CoG of this plane. I wish we had an indicator showing the changes in the CoG with loading something like as in MS-FSX. Then maybe this discussion might never existed.
  19. No I dont claim it cant fly and as I said it is not related with the OP. I don't say anything. It was just a "Look ma! I can fly with one wing" Just wanted to share with people, including you, judging me for complaining because I can't fly it. As always if I say white you will say black.
  20. No I don't say that it is not possible. I just wanted you to see I can handle things with Bf109. Some people might think I am complaining because I can't fly it regarding to some posts.
  21. Not directly related about the subject but maybe you judge that I dont know anything how to fly or maybe it is just the Bf109.
  22. That one is after the later posts not the original. Don't manipulate like cheap newspapers. I thank everybody who shares information.
  23. If that is not your problem than why you bother to troll. And the "again" is not solely dedicated to you. You felt special huh? and most of all read the OP "Does anyone having the same issue or is this happens particulary to my self?" as you will see and capable of understanding I explained my observations and asked this question. And this is not a claim. I am just asking for information. If you have a proper information then answer properly do not keep it secret for your self. @Jcomm, thank you for your answer. I will make my tests. A test I made earlier was, following the manual normal landing prosedures, I trimmed the aircraft -3 as of the check list. But it was painful.
  24. What is the point of you tease me again while I am trying to be silent and accept this mindset. You are just boasting as if you knew something or you have the evidence but you are keeping secret. Do not troll unless you have proper information to share. I can gladly accept and change my mind.
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