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  1. by the way , question on DLC , i checked with natops and found three drifferent description for AAA-1 , AAAP-1 , AAAD-1(1997/2004) and your Spoilers_Flaps Tips Before DLC can be engaged , for AFCS computers , only Pitch B and Yaw B computer segregations operational is required?
  2. Hi man , allow me to ask an off-topic question , about AAR tips , you siad↓ , swept the wings aft when refueling , you mean wing sweep to BOMB ? or manual sweep to 68° ? and .. Looking forward to handing tips by victory205 (1/1) , LoL.
  3. DCS: F-14 “雄猫” 中文飞行手册项目更新 更新日志: https://kaidrick.github.io/DCS-F-14-Flight-Manual-zh-CN/loc_changelog.html 离线版下载:https://cloud.189.cn/t/buiY7zm22iiq ------------------------------------------------- 线上中文手册 2021年01月01日 术语小修正,统一汉化组用词。 ----------------- 游戏中文本地化文件 2021年01月01日 更新反德者行动战役!
  4. 看log只是网络问题单纯没连上服务器罢了,用奇游之类能够加速下载的加速器下载把。
  5. 不能安装模组?试下在根目录里面用命令行下载安装呢?教程,用 install A-10C_2 这个命令,具体可以看图。另外,修复过了么。不能安装新模组的任何提示截图发出来看看。
  6. hmmm , is this a texture bug or real jet scanned ?
  7. DCS: F-14 “雄猫” 中文飞行手册项目更新 更新日志: https://kaidrick.github.io/DCS-F-14-Flight-Manual-zh-CN/loc_changelog.html 离线版下载:https://cloud.189.cn/t/buiY7zm22iiq 离线版下载(注:本地化文件将尽快集成进游戏内,本次更新仅更新了按键汉化) ------------ 线上中文手册 2020年12月17日 术语小修正,统一汉化组用词。 Jester 菜单更新,详见更新日志。 新增 ICEMAN 菜单翻译。 变更驾驶舱、总体设计以及武器章节 AIM-54 部分的 DDD 描述,以对应新导弹主动制导转交指令行为。
  8. test in latest OB , too small magnetic distortion when on carrier . ONLY happening in PG map , in black sea MV is displayed as normal . tried different date but not work . https://imgur.com/qo5FMjc https://imgur.com/myBuQBG
  9. jester will eject flare after player manual eject one . not sure it's a bug or this is how it work .
  10. here is acmi i tested , 54 won't DL update but it active just like PSTT , detected target when within 10 nm . left break with PLM button pressed .Tacview-20201221-194748-DCS-TEST.zip.acmi one more problem(not sure is a bug),after ACM or BRIST launched 54 , 54 will go active with few sec delay(with in 10 and aim to target but not track target immediately ) two more , test with friendly , test aircraft f-16 , in TWS-A MODE missile will go active when TTI flashing yes , but my friendly got RWR warning about 6-3 nm(distance between missile and f-16) , lock f-16 all the way
  11. Found new bug , launch 54 in tws-auto mode and press PLM switch , missile will go active ( not sure if it will DL update fly towards to target , looks not but need more test)
  12. 有尝试过奇游加速器么,奇游可以全局下载加速的
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