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  1. I feel really stupid now :) I've looked at the line multiple times and didn't spot it ... damn ..... now it workd like a charm ! Thanks a lot Dolphin.
  2. Hey buddy, I have the same with my oculus rift. What I do : I remove my Rift and make it looks away from the sensors for 20 secondes then put it back on my head ... and voila .... stuttering are gone. Also don't forget to look at your nvidia settings (Nvidia control panel) > Manage 3d settings look for : "Virtual reality pre-rendered frame" and set it to 3. This will surely help. See ya !
  3. No one is using a warthog throttle ? or am I not seeing something obvious ? Thanks guys !:thumbup:
  4. Hello guys, I'm trying to get my switches to work properly with the CEII but it seems that it doesn't want my new menu in inputs ... I have modified the default.lua in input>Joystick with a new line like this one : {down = device_commands.Smoke, up = device_commands.Smoke, cockpit_device_id = devices.GENERAL, value_down = 1.0 value_up = 0.0 , name = _('Smoke toggle'), category = _('3-pos')}, This works with all my other aircrafts .... has anyone got an idea please ? Thanks a lot ! see you in the sky.
  5. Same issue for me, I experienced it in both MP servers and SP missions and it makes us a very easy target !
  6. Hey Rage, Thanks a lot for your review. I'm flying with the CV1 for 2 years now and have preordered the pimax 5k+ when it opened !!! I'm now more than eager to try it. :)
  7. Thank you for your answer sir ! I hope you get a positive decision on it so I didn't bought a massage seat :D haha. Cheers !
  8. Hello Andre and f4l0 ! I have had the chance to use your SSA and SS-wheels with my friend's gametrix 908 and it was awesome. I have ordered a few months back a forcefeel and just received it. Would you by any chance be so kind to let us know if you will work at some point on the compatibility between SSA and forcefeel ? Thanks a lot for your work.
  9. Same here, major issue for missions .... let^'s pray for a fix quickly !
  10. Hello Mithandra, Would you be kind to share the profile for the harrier please ? Thanks in advance mate !
  11. It's not because you don't need it that it's not needed :)
  12. Hello Guys, This would be great to have an ETA about that interesting sentence about dedicated server that appeared a few weeks back. Thanks a lot.
  13. That would be a great start to enhance that multiplayer lobby-server list. +1
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