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  1. Hi Mikhail, Not sure if I need to, but I've sent you a PM to be added to the waiting list. Kind regards and much anticipation. Tom
  2. G'day Thudster, Just wanted to say thanks for putting together the guide. I still have very little idea about much of this stuff, but thanks to the guide I was able to get DCS running and it has been game changing! Cheers!
  3. Thanks to everyone here! Found this after watching Lukas S. / Wolta 's youtube videos. Cheers
  4. Hi All, I thought I'd give an update. I purchased 2nd a Samsung Odyssey (not the plus) a few months ago now. I have gotten it to work by following Thud's VR4DCS https://vr4dcs.com/2019/08/19/preflighting-wmr-steamvr-for-dcs/ (Thanks Thud!) Settings have been left at the VR defaults, which I'll get to sorting out eventually, maybe. I haven't checked FPS or but I have been enjoying slowly learning the Spit and making my playspace more conducive to VR ops. Cheers for everyone's input, and yes my i7-7700HQ, GTX1050Ti 16Gb laptop can drive it. Cheers Tom
  5. Hi Brixmis< Looking forward to your thoughts - currently saving for a headset, and would prefer the quest so I can play quest games also with the family. Cheers Tom
  6. Hi Everyone, Thank you all for the comprehensive answers. My thoughts for the Quest is to see if I could use it in the same way that some have used the Oculus Go with ALVR, but hopefully with 6DOF. I can justify purchase of the Quest then to use for it's primary use and for it's portability when I travel for work. Current computer is a Dell "gaming" laptop - i7-7700, GTX1050Ti, and 16GB ram. (saving for a dedicated flight sim system) I know it's on the very low end/possibly not good enough. I have gotten "phone" VR to display but without head tracking and I'm not sure I have the display optimised - i.e. ipd, and display size etc. @DeltaMike, thanks for bringing up the lenovo option. I had been considering buying a Playstation VR HMD secondhand (about $180 AUD) and camera setup, but could only find details about it's use with Steam VR programs. @Mesenzio, thanks. I have a lot more to learn and ask about to set something up software wise. @DerekSpeare, thanks for the link - it's already been a bit of a rabbit hole! I've also saved and started reading setting and tips link too. I'm certainly keeping an eye out now on the secondhand market for system equipment. Just have to be strategic about it lest I incur too much wrath from the Minister for War and Finances. @Svsmokey, I can't think of the Rift-S as a budget HMD, I was thinkingof the Quest (if it would work) as dual function -wireless VR and tethered flightsim VR. Cheers again all, Tom
  7. Good morning all, I am interested in dipping my toe in the water re: VR. I thought there was a guide about budget VR options but cannot seem to find it. I am most interested in VR options for the "standalone" DCS, and not the Steam version. Also if there are any thoughts about playing on the new oculus quest, I'dlove to hear them too. Any direction would be much appreciated. Lastly, apologies to the mods if this post makes things cumbersome - please don't hesitate to merge/delete/whatever as required. Cheers Tom
  8. Thanks for the response Sokol1. I have the less advanced version with the light so I wanted to see if I upgrade at the same time. I think I'll just go with the simple mod first though. Cheers Tom
  9. Hi Debolestis, A quick question about the pcb for the f15 grip. Can the PCB output all button switch strokes as individual signals? I want to transplant a Suncom stick to my thrustmaster t16000 and connect the switches directly to the t1600 switches. Thanks. Tom
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