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  1. For playable infantry, I’d rather they focus on air support and anti-air eg. the recon/JTAC soldier, demo teams to take out AAA and SAMs, and various manpads.
  2. If the model has the Longbow mast, why wouldn’t ED equip it with Longbow radar?
  3. So if you just switch to a new mobo/cpu, you still have to uninstall DCS, and re-download from scratch? You can’t simply log off before doing the swap, then re-login after?
  4. Google translate doesn’t make sense for this one.
  5. I think it was meant to be a surprise. They didn’t even tell their mods they would be showing some footage.
  6. cordite

    Pilot body’s

    As a VR user, I don’t care for a pilot model. But I’m one of those heathens who want’s to use the English cockpit, so what do I know?
  7. That’s just it. How many breaths are taken sitting by the computer for hours on end, waiting for restocks, only to get beaten by the 1000s of people (and autofill bots) doing the exact same thing? Meanwhile, suppliers and retailers are finding excuses to jack prices. The US tariff is a good excuse, even for cards not destined for the US. That could alleviate when stock normalizes/tariffs are cut, but they know people will pay. As for the 2080ti, it should have taken a nose dive in price, but in practice, it hasn’t.
  8. Not necessarily. RTX 3090 is more easily available. How much is your time and aggravation saved, worth? Real world 3080 prices are not half as much. Especially if you have to buy it in a bundle with another part you don’t need, just to get the card. Or you buy from a scalper, which is sometimes an official retailer. If what you really wanted was a 3080ti, the price difference goes down much further. As for his builder having some 3080s on hand, not likely, unless they’ve priced them close to a 3090. disclaimer: yes, I do have a 90. Temps are fine, alt
  9. I guess this is as good of an explanation as your going to get: https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/140264-dcs-mi-24p/page/143/ Of course they ignored the question about the shadows. So much for VR users.
  10. Будет ли возможность отключить тени в кабине для пользователей VR? English:
  11. Agreed, shadows were overdone. I asked in the main Russian thread.
  12. They jumped the gun on announcing the Hind, and held back announcing the Apache.
  13. Fine with me they’ve been working on the Apache behind the scenes. I want both.
  14. https://www.youtube.com/c/VargTV (Corrected link)
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