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  1. Hi. I have an Acer predator 300 running a 2070rtx graphics card and 16 gig ram. I have rift cv vr and want to update so hopefully I will be able to see enemy aircraft sooner. Does anyone know if my laptop will run rift s and how much difference will it make? Or any other useful advice. Thanks. Buck_Rogers.
  2. Thanks for your help m8. but this is ridiculous. I updated yesterday, it took me 10 hours, now I have to update again before I can fly the hornet? why didn't they have the upto date version yesterday? I swear I will never buy another module.
  3. I only installed 2.5.2 yesterday. Now you say i have to run the updater again? when i do it is 27.529.1 meg. is this right?
  4. Hi guys. when I go into modules the hornet is there and when I click it it just starts to download. but then I get a message saying "unknown module f18-c". I am running 2.5.2 open beta. help please. I have tried turning off my firewall but still the same. thanks.
  5. I know it's large m8. as i said, I have downloaded it 3 times and it doesn't work. I need to know how to fix it. I pre ordered the gulf map and the hornet and I'm pretty p----- off I cant play them.
  6. I have updated it 3 times. each time takes me about 9 hrs.
  7. I have tried 3 times now to update so I can install the new map. each time I do it I run the repair first. It then seem to download but right at the end it says it cant delete some file. sorry i cant be more specific I forgot. I then close the small warning window and my game is not updated. can somebody please help? and why do they have to make it so difficult? what is wrong with some type of auto update option. thanks, Huggy.:(
  8. Hi m8, I get the same problem. I've tried 3 times to download 2.5.2 and each time it gets to the end gives me a message that it cant delete something then starts the game in version 2.5.1. please help. ps each time i tried downloading i run the repair first. thanks m8.
  9. just be careful u dont try to put the glass on top of the instrument panel. as i have done.
  10. #Me too. makes me not want to fly it anymore.
  11. "isn't quite there yet" it has been exactly the same for ages. ED knows about it and is doing nothing about it.
  12. i think that would be a great idea. i will learn the harrier just so i can bomb port stanley. build it and they will come.
  13. we (multiplayer) pay all this money and get treated like second class citizens. please give multiplayer some love. and VR combined arms.
  14. combined arms is what is going make dcs great.there is work going on on a players server that impliments it how it should be used. and i can tell u from playing on it that it is truly amazing. it turns dcs from a flight sim into full on Digital Combat Simulator! all out war, where team work has never been so important. you have the guys in their planes attacking and capping, helos spawning tanks, atillery, jtac, support trucks and strategically sending them on there missions. when you play this you will demand combined arms gets the love it deserves. because at the moment, i don't think ED kn
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