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  1. Would it be possible to create a through the inferno but using Red units only so more of a immersive Russians, Syrian ect instead of Blue ??? 

    1. deadlyfishes


      Yes, I'm working on an update that will easily allow you to do this

  2. Yes of course but this is not something we asked for as Hornet pilots that falls down to DCS and Coding and the Radar RCS modelling from what i have read is coming at a later date. So to take it back on Topic i will only speak for myself not the whole HORNET community but we Don't ask for unrealistic, we want the most realistic simulation we can get., But back to the KA-50, when the model was originally released was you told "oh hang one we as DCS Employees will pour a shit ton of man hours into this at a later stage" i don't think so hence its not a BETA product. So its onl
  3. Please for all us Hornet pilots out there elaborate on your Qoute......
  4. nice video i am not a Hog fan but its a cool video :)
  5. Thankyou have installed your VA Profile keep up the awesome work
  6. Do we have a rough time on when it will Drop
  7. Vr Thankyou very much for this, Amazing how this little line has cleaned up my VR performance.
  8. I own and fly the black shark
  9. Clearly 3wa you don't understand the modern battlefield as what you have described is simply not viable as most special operation teams operate in hostile countries where low flying air support is simply not available just give up the ghost. I'm a dcs hornet pilot and I want the magical kill everything missile but we work with the tools we have to become smarted on the battlefield not invent stuff to make us have AKA God mode !!!!
  10. Hello all this is my first mission i have built and im having some trouble with triggers basically is a two ship flight of su-25 taking off from the airbase trigger one is a message to the pilots stating entering enemy airspace trigger two is at tgt location, once su-25 enters zone launch OP FOR F-5e to intercept the flight incoming trigger three is once SAMS are destroyed mi-8 and two gunships transport ground Units to the Airbase once disembark mission complete can some please just check the work and show me where i am going wrong as the first trigger is the only one that
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