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    Rate my Skin

    Moin and Hi everybody. I spent a bit time and tried to create own skins and want to ask you for your opinion, how you find my work and if i should do something better.
  2. Oh, wow. Thank you very very much!!!
  3. Hi, =Grizzly= thanks for your fast reply. Oh ok, then i have to take that .dds file. I would prefer a .psd file cause of easier handling. @ Strut A Template, like a .psd file for the mirage already exist. but only the template for the body. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=2644022 On this post you can find and download the template.
  4. Moin and Hi I'm searching for the template of the external fuel tanks " M2KC..." the psd file. I've created a few skins for the mirage and for other aircrafts. But i can't find the psd file for the fuel tanks. Could someone may help me? Thanks a lot MrZweig
  5. Moin Also ich habe das Game One von Sennheiser. Das ist ein bischen teurer, aber es ist vom Sound und vorallem vom Mikro bisher das beste Headset, das ich bisher hatte. Allerdings: Ich habe einen TrackHat, also die günstige alternative zu TrackAI, und hatte Probleme den Click zu montieren. Ich habs hinbekommen, aber es ist nicht optimal.
  6. Oder unser deutsches Geschwader =vJAG= online-aerobatics-germany.de ;)
  7. Moin Flotze Schau doch einfach mal bei uns im Teamspeak vorbei. Oder auf einem unserer Server (signatur) Sprich einfach jemanden vom = vJAG = Geschwader an. Oder schau dir Screenshots unserer spontanen Events in unserem Forum an. Wir sind ein bunter Haufen aus Deutschland und der Schweiz. Wir fliegen vorallem Aerobatic und Formation Flights. Bei uns ist alles ziemlich locker, es geht hauptsächlich um Spaß und das Fliegen zu lernen und perfektionieren. Vllt sehen wir uns demnächst ja mal, MrZweig
  8. Moin DieHard How many slots are for you " a high number of slots"? About how many slots are you looking for? There are a few server with about 45 Slots and usually more than 20 players on it. For example our FreeFlight Servers. Dedicated 45 Slots Running very smooth even with 40 players on it But: I know and agree your statement. We are annoyed of that, too.
  9. Moin and Hi, maybe you want to visit us on our servers or our teamspeak We are a small bunch of Germans and Swiss, who just have fun to fly. But we can only offer you Combat soon. Our servers are dedicated and located in swiss. Just visit us There are no regulations or strict rules See you
  10. "Heli - Time" 30.03.18 on Online Aerobatics Germany Moin and Hi We started a spontaneous Helicopter Event last evening. A few squadron member of us and about 4 other players just met on our teamspeak server and start to fly to different locations. We had a lot of fun and i made a few screenshots for you If i created this post wrong or in wrong location, excuse me
  11. Thanks for your fast replies. Isn't there no other possibility??? I don't think that anybody would like to download my skins first and then restarting his game so he can see my skin
  12. Moin and Hi.. Excuse me for posting a new thread. I found 1 or 2 posts about that theme but unfortunately can't find a solution. My Question(s): Is it possible, no matter how difficult, to make custom skins visible to others? ( eg a downloaded or created skin for Mirage M2000C) No matter how I try, I'm able to see my own custom skins, others not. We are running dedicated servers and want everyone who play on our server to see our "squadron" skins. I tried: pasting the skins in /CoreMods/...., /Bazar/Liveries.., /saved games/Liveries... on both. ( my PC a
  13. Hi, I didn't find a thread about it, so i want to ask here. On our Server, the carriers haven't got lights. So if it's dark, there are difficult to find. Is there a mod or a setting maybe? Somebody an idea to make them shine? Thanks, MrZweig
  14. update: pls close. i saw i post this in the wrong Topic
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