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  1. Can i ask what settings you have in the Preference tab? You can force callsigns or ATC Names or speech
  2. I don't think that Bailey's Voice Attack profiles will mix with Viacom Pro, to be honest Max...
  3. Does it just happen with the F-16 profile, or all of them?
  4. Thanks for the reply and a Happy New Year to you too. I've confirmed the sliders are in their correct position for the specific version that i'm playing. VAICOMPRO.log
  5. Just out of interest, do you have any others of Bailey's profiles. I am running the L-39 one at the moment and there was no config element in that one. The only thing i had missing was the DCS-BIOS file which put a link to in his PDF document that came with the profile.
  6. Another problem that has probably been asked 1000 times already but i can't find any. When loaded into a mission, the module isn't recognized and also, when a radio key is pressed and a request made, all i get is a first response low bleep. I have done everything in the manual, binned the lua file in the Scripts folder. Reset the Lua button in the Master Reset tile. I've checked out Hollywood's video on YouTube as well. Just become stuck for ideas now. Thanks in advance
  7. I had a feeling you would point the problem at my machine and i am inclined to agree. It's a 5 year old gaming laptop so the only changes i have been made have been to the software. Yes, the game did create the saved games folder. Thanks for the advise, i'll have a go at what you have suggested.
  8. Well, I've given your suggestion a try and it is still crashing. I've tried short and long repairs as well. Load into a mission and it either freezes and then crashes or just crashes and the computer reboots
  9. Thanks Silver Devil. Ill give ita try
  10. Not sure i understand, how can i rename my saved games folder???
  11. Please help. Every time i load into a mission, the most tried is an A-10C cold start mission, my computer just kicks off and reboots. I have removed all mods and the only software i am running with DCS is TrackIR and Voice Attack with Viacom pro. I have attached a log file for reference and hope someone can shed some light on the issue.. Thank you in advance Paul dcs.log
  12. No, nothing at all. I can open the kneeboard no problem and change kneeboard pages. It's just the JTAC/AWACS/ATC/AAR/FLIGHT/AOCS/REF and NOTES options that i cannot get to respond. Do i need to alter the change something in the configuration menu or somewhere?
  13. Nothing that i can see, mind you, i'm not sure what i'm looking for but there are certainly no failures.
  14. OK. I have Auto browse selected in the Configuration window EX page. and pretty much all of them from the top row. I can't get voice attack to respond to any of the Interactive kneeboard commands.
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