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    I7 8700K, 16 Gb DDR4 RAM, RTX 2080 , SSD, 2 DOF Motion platform (DIY), MMjoy2 DIY Joystick + throttle + pedals, WMR Lenovo Explorer
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  1. No Kegetys and shadows in DCS off. Sorry for mistake. I will try ypur settings. Thank you. But i am very happy with default for now.
  2. I am not played with settings yet. But it is i can say now WOW about this mod. For me it is game picture changer. I am using MSAA off, SS 150%, PD 1.0, shadow off, everything else high.
  3. I tried with WMR Lenovo Expl. Better colors and much sharper image. It is day and night. I ried reshade with Onward VR. It is working too. Thank for this. My eyes now safer.
  4. I played DCS using Riftcat and driver4vr with kinect 360. It was 6 dof. but not stable. After few minutes needed to recenter. My adwise dont waist your time and money. It is friendly adwise. Before i Bought Lenovo explorer i waisted a lot of money for junk like Trinus, Riftcat, driver4vr, kinect 360.... I dont recomend VR using phone because it is not good for your eyes. nad it is only 60 Hz. Save you money for new PC and next gen VR.
  5. Dont waist your time. I tried Trinus Vr and Riftcat. Its unplayeble. Finally I bought WMR Lenovo explorer and I am happy. Now it is not soo expensive if you have good CPU.
  6. I have a problem. I can connect to server and play but Burning skies website statistic doesnt show me at all. It is hapening after DCS update. What should i do?
  7. Dejau

    WW 2 server

    Please recomend some ww2 server with players. Burning skies server I know but sometimes it is empty.
  8. Hi all i would like to fly in Burning Skies server but i cant find it. I am new and have steam dcs world 2.5...with BF 109 without Normandy map. Do i need to install openbeta or server is dead?
  9. Thank you VirusAM. And question about steamVR. Do i need to change something or leave it enabled? Alow asynchronous reprojection Enable advanced supersampling filtering Enable always on reprojection. SteamVR supersampling video made 100% instead 200 % recomended.
  10. Yesterday got my Lenovo Explorer. Now i have a question. Is motion reprojection working. I am new in VR. My PC I7 8700 k, 16 gb ram, RTX 2080, SSD. https://steamcommunity.com/games/719950/announcements/detail/1652133167137673234 Do i need to edit default.vrsettings? Thank you for any replay and advice.
  11. If it is not the fake they will send to other country of EU? Didnt find this site in english. Any adwise where to buy with good price in EU?
  12. It's my DIY 2 dof motion seat. https://youtu.be/iNhjhAf8NZ8 Here how it is made: https://www.xsimulator.net/community/threads/simple-2-dof-wiper-sim.10035/
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