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  1. Bought - buzzing for this map :-)
  2. Agree with the general sentiments - you are doing your level best in difficult times and trying to get the carrier to a point where it is at a level you are happy to release it. To be honest, you're damned if you do and damned if you dont. I personally think you should take the time you need to get the carrier right and release it at that point. I personally thank you for bringing us the greatest of all sims and for the effort, dedication and commitment to the products. There is a pandemic on and you guys are busting your tails to try and get this out and for that you have my thanks :-)
  3. Hi everyone, Looking for some advice if possible please. I bought the F16C however when I move my head around looking at the buttons/switches etc in the cockpit there is a 'ghosting' effect. However when i look around in external mode etc it's all smooth and no problem. I do not have VR so have never tried to setup for that. It's also happening in my other cockpits such as FA18, but only in the cockpits. Any advice would be hugely appreciated. Many thanks
  4. Hi folks, I wonder if anyone can help me please. When I go into DCS to configure my Warthog setup all the axis, thrust etc work. However none of the buttons or switches are being recognised. I checked in Windows and all buttons, axis, switches etc are being recognised. I tried unplugging and replugging in - no effect, tried resinstalling warthogdrivers - no effect. So i'm kinda out of ideas - went beyond my limited knowledge now !!. Any advice/help/tips would be HUGELY welcomed. Thanks so much and all the very best
  5. Hi guys and girls, Not sure if I am posting in the correct part of the forum. Apologies if not. I am currently flying the FA18 and want to move to a new aircraft. I have in my armoury the Harrier, F14, Mirage and Viggen. I know the Viggen a little. But am looking for recommendations as to what aircraft to fly next long-term that is in my armoury?. I enjoy ground attack more than Air to Air and use DCS Liberation as my mission generator. Time is limited at the moment too, so I guess I am also looking at which one is quickest out the box, or maybe what one is worth spending time on
  6. Seems the software needs some serious debugging.
  7. Thanks Supmua - that's me got it now. Much appreciated indeed :-)
  8. Hey guys, I just can't seem to work out how to bind my centre view on my TrackIR to my HOTAS. I use keypad number '5' at present but would like, if possible, to bind it to my HOTAS, Can anyone help please? Thanks in advance :-)
  9. Hey P3CFE - sorry this did not help buddy :-(. However, I have noticed since the recent update that I have to try 2 or 3 times with a command for it to work. Indeed, sometimes my commands don't work. Personally I think it is a software issue as before the recent update my VAICOM worked easily with no issues. Now only some of my commands work and many don't. :-(. I'm thinking I may need to spend an hour going through speaking all the words again. Not sure if that will help but might be worth a try. PS. There is a new update that I just applied and now it seems to work better and is recogn
  10. Hey P3CFE - my mistake buddy - go to Saved Games, then DCS folder, then go into config folder and then open 'OPTIONS.LUA' in your text editor and you will find it there buddy. When I opened my text editor I pressed CTRL + F to open search box, then typed in 'Vaicom' and it takes you to the area within the options file where the VAICOM coding is :-). Then check your headphones setting. Mine was at '0' so I changed it to '100' then saved the file. Opened my Voice Attack and Vaicom and it worked great :-). Hope that helps :-).
  11. LOL timj - glad you got it all sorted out and bought a new terrain :-). Nevada is an excellent terrain. That's the thing with DCS, you just can't stop buying modules etc. I have bought loads of modules but only know how to fly F5 and FA18 (and i'm still trying to learn many of the F18 functions). I just bought the new F14 but know I won't get round to flying that for months yet - still got the Harrier, Mirage, A10C, etc etc to learn also lol. A never ending journey - that's what I love about this game :-)
  12. Hi Guys and gals, Just a quick question - I have bought Voice Attack with VAICOM and all plugins as well as Tacview and kneeboard builder. Is there anything obvious that I am missing that would enhance my experience? Thanks in advance for any suggestions/tips :-)
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