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  1. ED should have claim BMS as it has all the functions including AG radar and lots of features. For year i have flown with bms f16. They dont have vr and graphics are not good enough but they system functionality and campaign ai progressing was awesome.
  2. Well final conclusion for me is that ED wants to make it as real as it can be. But in real life these birds are not design to spawn in the middle of a dog fight and instantly chasing each other. So my choice for mp df wont be F18 any more as it is not reliable.
  3. Unfortunately vr tech is not still thay clear even with spy glass
  4. Others are not f18 there are 2 f16 and 1 f15
  5. In my case there is an awacs and 3 other on my side with data linked and no radar or hud shows foe
  6. One more thing i remember for some locks it is square with a round shape hat on it flashing. I didnt see that symbology before.
  7. Yes it might but i am sure who ever i lock in guns fight area has same square even the ones which are in sa page red once i locked close it is everyone square it is 4x4 pvp and i locked everyone at least an hour. What are the odds to lock while everyone chasing each other are friendly?
  8. I am planning to try iff integration once lock by press sdc depress
  9. I was having mp last night with guns only pvp 4x4 using acm for locking but it is very hard to find out who is friend or foe. Everybody is square no diamonds. How can i make sure who is enemy? Do i have to wait a bit after lock to have the diamond?
  10. I was hoping F14 and vigen to.come but they are out of scope. Shame on them that they dont contribute. I wont buy it no matter what. Many thanks to ED for such generosity.
  11. Falcon i am on fire SM-G960F cihazımdan Tapatalk kullanılarak gönderildi
  12. They try to do it as real as it can be which i respect ED. They can implement as a game that wont give you the taste. Flying with hornet is a years of training and experience. Also that is why "raygun" "budy spike' and " bogey dope" on radio are for. There are many ways of iff. Just keep practacing you are not killing anyone just get disconnected. You gain experience and sort it out for the right shot. Be patient. SM-G960F cihazımdan Tapatalk kullanılarak gönderildi
  13. Thanks for navigation lights fix but i have additional problem maybe you didnt noticed sun flare in cockpit is to high once you shift external view it is normal. is there a fix to that also. it would be great if someone would have changed all these files with extansion. i hope i can
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