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  1. Anybody know if I can get my buttkicker amp repaired in the Uk? Or a schematic would be a start. Won’t power up, I’ve checked and it’s not the mains switch, getting 240volts on the board. Thanks Tim
  2. Hi all, excise the odd title but couldn’t think of a better explanation. creating a mission, I want to view the placed units as you would from the game using the F9 key, but the only way I have found to do this is to load the mission and view it from the game. is there a shortcut to viewing the mission editor as you would from in the game? Also how do you view a specific target from the F10 map? I’m sure I’ve seen it done. thanks in advance. Stiggie.
  3. Found in in settings you can turn both eyes on.
  4. Hey all. Just stepped into VR with the A10C 2. Wow. Should the HMCS be present in both eyes, I only have it in my right eye? Thanks
  5. Hi all, Moving to a VR setup. Ideas please. Thoughts so far, ASUS DUAL RTX 3070 8GB, £560 Ryzen 5 3600 £180 Noctua NH-D15 cooler £80 MSI B450 Tomahawk Max £100 Last thing is memory, mainly playing SP so do I need more than 16GB? Was looking at the Patriot Viper Steel 16GB (2x8GB) 3600MHz DDR4 £75 Total so far £995 ish. I really have no Idea what I am doing, just trying to piece things together. Thanks all S
  6. I’ve basically got £1000 for a graphics card, CPU and motherboard. I’ve already got everything else I need pretty much. Any help appreciated. S
  7. I will need to match the CPU to whatever graphics card I purchase. This again affecting the overall cost of an upgrade.
  8. Hi all Still planning to jump into VR. Was advised to wait for the RTX 30 series to become available. Thing is, I only play occasionally, a 3070 is the best part of £600 if not more and the 3080 £1K. You can pick up a GTX 1080ti for £400. From initial reviews they didn’t seem to be worth the extra money or am I missing something. Any advice much appreciated. S
  9. Hi all Making the jump to VR. Been looking on the mighty bay for a few bits but as I’m a bit of a noob it’s a bit of a mine field. Questions I have are Does it really matter what make of 1080 ti I buy? Does it matter what make of memory card I buy? As long as I’m running an i5 8600k does the mother board matter as long as it’s compatible? I’m checking compatibility on pc parts picker as I go to check it will all work. I’m happy to be corrected on any of my choices, just don’t have a massive budget so trying to be a bit of a tight arse without shooting myself in the foot.
  10. Hi all, I have to reinstall opentrack but don't have room on my D drive, I want to put it into E but when I open the downloaded file it automatically tried D and wont let me put it into E. As D lacks the space it wont install. Can anybody tell me how to dictate a different folder when installing Very annoying, I shouldn't have messed with it. Thanks
  11. Thanks Don, Indeed they are along with deviation.
  12. Hi all, Probably a dumb question so I apologise in advance. When doing an ILS landing (A10C) you need to know the correct runway heading for the HSI. (I believe I am right on this but happy to be corrected, new to the game). Where is this info available whilst in fight without looking at the F10 map and using the distance tool, its not in the knee board notes as far as I can see and you cant pull it up on the CDU divert page. Thanks Tim
  13. OK well I've managed to find the answer. In case anybody else comes across the issue, I had to change the setting in opentrack to TrackIR from Freetracker. That's all it was. Stiggie
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