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  1. Thanks for the support gentlemen! I turned the autopilot off, the blue squares, because I negated trimming when I first started with the Black Shark. I trim now, of course, and am just used to turning it off. I guess I'll have to make some adjustments. :doh: I didn't know about the lighting bug. That's annoying. I guess I'll just leave everything alone except trim and see how I fare. :joystick: I'll post back on this thread if the problems persist or if you guys solved another one of my noob problems. :smartass:
  2. So I've been fiddling with the Black Shark for some time now. Learning what I can on YouTube but a couple things fail to work. My gripes are with hovering and autopilot. I always start up from ramp and proceed with starting the Ka-50 up. Everything to my knowledge is correct up to this point. I turn off the autopilot and begin to add collective. I adjust the trim and attempt to put her in a stable hover. I can get close but never perfect. Once I feel I'm in a good position I press auto-hover, which is mapped to my HOTAS. The auto-hover never works. I veer to the left, right, forward and
  3. Thank you Lixma! I was unaware you could calibrate a HOTAS in DCS like this. I had to adjust Saturation X on the chart you provided. I also removed the Combatstick throttle ability as well. Thank You! Everything is as it should be now.
  4. Yes it does. :helpsmilie: Not sure what else to do. I reconfigured my controls thinking your advice might do the trick but to no avail. As stated before, I use the parking brake before getting ready to taxi and I have to pump the wheel brakes every fifty feet or so to avoid overspeeding while taxing to the runway. That is with the throttle all the way to idle might I add. Once I'm airborne, I'm fine and when I land I just cut off fuel flow to safely slow down as I still accelerate ever so slightly when I land. Might not be the correct way of doing things but its what I have to do to safe
  5. Hello gentlemen. I recently purchased the Mustang and am enjoying it. I have a slight problem however and have tried the training tutorials but they didn't help much. I was wondering why the Mustang wants to travel when I have the start-up procedure finished. I have my throttle all the way back and my propeller RPM set to full. I've moved the RPM to see if that was the problem but no joy. Is it normal for the Mustang to want to travel on its own with no throttle input? I watched several YouTube videos and the Mustang, once started, doesn't travel. I obviously have engaged the brakes an
  6. Thanks for the info Pimp. May the hoes be with you...
  7. I'm trying to start from where the elevators are so I can maneuver the Hornet for a catshot. I suppose I could do it where it starts me now, which is between the cat and the elevator but it kills immersion and its a very tight turn.
  8. So I haven't played the Hornet module for a couple months and it looks like ED has changed some things, which is good and bad. For starters, when I select "start from ramp" on the Stennis and load in it puts me somewhat in the middle of the carrier. Why? This happens no matter what ramp I start off in. And also it doesn't matter which ramp I start from since it always puts me in the same parking spot. WHY? :protest: This is so annoying! Is there a way around this?
  9. Well, you did the right thing by grabbing a new PSU. It was most likely the PSU if you can barely POST. Now you will have to troubleshoot one thing at a time. I suggest installing the new PSU and just try running it to see if that was the only problem. If you PC still has problems try removing a single RAM stick at a time. Try different DIMM sockets for the RAM if that is indeed misbehaving. If the RAM works and you still have problems try removing your storage devices and check them one at a time on different SATA ports. Off the top of my head that is the best you can do without buyin
  10. Ah, yes. DS9... While I have to say TNG is my favorite from Star Trek, DS9 is rather good as well. Quark is my favorite character from DS9 but the cast as a whole comes together quite well. I would start from the beginning. Sisco goes through a series of events that has to be watched in order to understand the foundation of Deep Space Nine. I tried watching Voyager. Lost interest. Major Kira is quite the number as well. I particularly liked her as the Overseer of DS9 in the altered reality episode where the Cardassians still controlled the station. HAWT DAM!:pilotfly:
  11. Your processor is pretty old along with your video card. I run a i5 4690K, 8GB of RAM and a GTX 970 and get some stuttering when I switch from cockpit camera to fly-by camera. Other than the camera change I'm satisfied with the performance I get. I don't think your OS has anything to do with it. You should upgrade to W10 regardless though. W10 has come along way since launch. Its worth the time and effort to switch over.
  12. Rumors have it that AMD will add more cores but I'm doubtful. Massive amount of cores is what Threadripper is for. It would hurt AMD's line-up if they increase core count above ten. 7nm video cards from AMD is very interesting. Sellers, in the States at least, have pulled Vega 64's from the market while Vega 56 is still available. Probably a sales strategy for AMD's 7nm release. Also if AMD's 7nm video cards don't deliver, we are in big trouble competition wise. nVidia is far too expensive for their top tier cards and the sheer size of them is obscene. Hopefully all goes well with A
  13. I believe Zen 2 will really force Intel to be more competitive. Currently Intel's only edge over Ryzen is clock speed. Ryzen has the greatest value and with Intel bringing the i9 out and nerfing the i7 to no hyper-threading for 9th gen I think Intel is really hurting itself in the race for best consumer processor. Not to mention, Zen 2 will be on a 7nm process only bringing better performance over Intel's struggle to surpass 14nm. I'm also excited for AMD's 7nm video cards which should come out early 2019.
  14. Thanks for your reply, Yurgon. I'll read the blog.
  15. I'm running into some difficulties while piloting the Ka-50. I start her up all fine, takeoff is a bit wonky as I don't have pedals (yet) but once I get control I level her out and proceed on course. While flying random warnings will happen. I get a "u" on the HUD and the caution button blinks. I'm not sure what this is from or how to correct it. I just finished flying and one of my rotors broke. Yes, it snapped apart. How did this happen and how do I fix it? I'd like to fly this thing longer than 20 minutes without a failure.:disgust:
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