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  1. Great work. I look forward to building it.
  2. I managed to figure it out. I had to remove all the static objects from the carrier then change it to a supercarrier. Hope that helps some people in the future.
  3. You're right. The strange thing is I am only changing the unit to a supercarrier. Everything else remains the same. Any ideas? Thanks
  4. Hey guys anyway to add the supercarrier to the campaign? I tried updating the base_mission.miz but when I try to generate a new first mission I get this S:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\bin\luae.exe: ../../../Scripts/DC_NavalEnvironment.lua:215: attempt to index field 'offsets' (a nil value) stack traceback: ../../../Scripts/DC_NavalEnvironment.lua:215: in function 'ShipGroupMovement' ../../../Scripts/DC_CheckTriggers.lua:573: in function 'ShipMission' [string "Action.ShipMission("Battle Group Delta", {{"Indy 1-1", "Indy 1-2", "Indy 1-3", "Indy 1-4"}}, 12, 8,
  5. Evo

    F-15E UFC poll

    modern one please. Thanks for asking
  6. Hi Turiala12, use the first mission batch file to regenerate the campaign. then it should work
  7. Hi Gianky, I deleted the static units from the Indy in the base_mission.miz but the mission still starts with the deck full of static units. I rechecked the mission and they are deleted in the base_mission.miz, is there another place I should check? Thanks
  8. Hi everyone, I've been having this issue for a while hoping it would disappear once an update came out but no luck. DCS will only start using steam VR v1527117754 - 6/21/2018 hotfix. If I use any other build the DCS VR loading screen displays then turns black. I can't even close DCS when it crashes. I have to physically turn off my computer. Only DCS behaves this way with the newer steam VR builds, all other games work fine. Any ideas? Thanks Evo
  9. Thanks Wags for the reply. I know you guys must be busy with all the new content you are making but please try and squeeze in some time for the issues with multiplayer. A dedicated server build wouldn't hurt either :D
  10. Nice work! What screens are you using? thanks :)
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