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  1. This shows as being mapped to LCTRL + LSHIFT + T, but this does not trigger the cover to open or close.
  2. Frederf, Thanks for the clarification. I mentioned latitude because that's the unit the PU-26 accepts as input. After reading the Mi-8 manual on the PU-26 unit (hint ED, please make the Yak manual more complete), it is clear that it corrects for drift due to rotation rather than magnetic declination. Until your reply I was not aware that was a factor. Thanks! Always more to learn. In either case, correcting for drift brings the Yak inline with the L-39.
  3. Got it, by adjusting the PU-26 panel on the right side of the forward cockpit and setting it to ~42 degrees N lattitude I got a reading that more closely follows the L-39. I should have thought of checking this. Now that we have more map options will it be more common for it to be @ zero by default?
  4. I was doing ground reference flights yesterday around Kutaisi and kept feeling that the Yak's HSI is slightly off from the L-39. So I created a mission spawning both in the same spot and found a delta of ~5 degrees. Is this a bug or intentional? If intentional, does anyone know the reason? Here are the screenshots of both cockpits to demonstrate the difference. L-39's HSI and magnetic compass are in agreement. Yak-52s HSI and magnetic compass are in agreement. L-39C Pattern Kutaisi.miz Yak-52 Pattern Kutaisi.miz
  5. Thanks gulredrel! Should have looked more closely.
  6. Last observation in regard to this issue. The audio tones from the ARK are not audible until the GMK-1 CB is turned on. Is this working as intended? I'd have expected that maybe the VHF radio has to be on since its has a role to play with the headset.
  7. Also, turning the ARK CB on and off does not affect current draw. However, GMK-1 for example does. Maybe something is not wired up?
  8. ARK Inoperative I'm unable to follow instructions on page 78 of the manual. When pressing the («УПРАВ. АРК») button, nothing happens. The light does not turn green. And the needle stays pinned to 12 o'clock. Frame button has no effect on needle position. However, I am able to select channels and near their signal identifiers in using TLF + ANT. I have waited up to 3 minutes for it to come alive.
  9. zerocoolant


    An external english manual for the Yak-52: "The Definitive Pilots Operating Handbook"
  10. Also, a quick plug: check out http://www.avialogs.com/ for aircraft manuals and related material. The immersion a real manual provides has been very exciting to me for both the Mig-15 and L-39.
  11. Also, I have also come across this "Definitive Pilot's Operating Handbook".
  12. I love this thing already, even with the bugs and lack of default key bindings.
  13. Following flight manual on page 72, "pipeline fill" syringe movement ceases to have effect after ~0.2. After reaching this reading the instrument is not responsive. Further usage of the syringe does not change the reading.
  14. Switching to airport power does not power up instruments and voltage cannot be read. Connecting external power has no bearing on this state: it is dead with and without external power connected. This does not adhere to flight manual page 66.
  15. +1 Same experience when mapped to a slider or normal axis. Able to turn the trimmer via button and interactively.
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