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  1. Hey MadDog, sorry for being a bother but it seems like mission 10 (War at Sea) has some issue where my bombers cant take out the US CV. Even if all my bombers and SEAD planes survive, they are unable to take out the CV. They manage to take out the cruiser only. All their missiles and the ship launched cruise missiles get taken down. BTW, I was a bit surprised to hear an Aussie accent coming from the Kuznetsov. Nice! ;p @VC, did you manage to complete this mission?
  2. Oh, ok. Thanks! I guess I was confusing SS and PD to be the same thing. I thought 200% SS = 2.0 PD. It seems they have a squared relationship then? 1.4^2 = 1.96 or about 2.0. So SS is the number of pixels as a percentage of base while and PD is then the fractional increase in each of the x and y resolutions.
  3. I am a little confused. I have a 1080Ti and run high settings, 2x MSAA with 200% SS in steam and I get around 11ms to 16ms in Caucasus which seems pretty good compared to what others here are getting. Although in Persian Gulf I can even cross the magic 22 ms barrier which is when I start noticing stuttering. Am I missing something here?
  4. I wish. I wold have bought at that price in a heartbeat. Its USD ~1050 here but I bought it anyway. Such is life in a welfare state. High taxes and all. Thanks to everyone for their inputs but I do have a quick question. I am just graduating from the FC3 aircraft to the full modules and just started the training session for the F-18. I really have to bend my neck to look at the switches on the left and right. How do you guys manage that? It seems to be similar in the Ka 50 as well. Like I literally have to hold push my head with my hand to see some of the switches behind me.
  5. Wow, you created that patch just today. Now that's fast. Thank you so much! I am able to hold my own against US fighters but all my AI allies just get wrecked. Yesterday in some other campaign mission the Russian AI lost 9 fighters and managed to down just 1 of 4 US F14s! AI spawns with random skill? I don't know why but I have the worst luck with these missions where I have to rely on allies. Solo missions are so much less headache. The K/D ratio is so bad for the Russians. I think I actually took some screenshots because it was so ridiculous.
  6. I see you have a Samsung Odyssey+ as well. Would you recommend the Vive Pro over the SO+? I hear they have the same screen and I can get SO+ for 300 dollars cheaper.
  7. I got it on the fourth attempt. You were right, for some reason I didn't activate some trigger on the earlier attempts.
  8. Yea, the Pimax reviews are really all over the place. Wired. As for the Gear VR lens mods, can that be done on the original vive? Might just give it a go although I am not sure where to get the lenses from. Edit: just realised the gear VR is like 80 dollars. I had no idea it was so cheap.
  9. In the second mission of the campaign (mission name is Restless Morning), you are to fly to an airbase and activate the ECM to trigger the enemy radar. But once I get there, there is no radar or SAM and nothing happens. I activate my ECM and nothing happens. Please help! I came across a campaign patch made by a nice gentleman by the name of MadDog-IC but it seems that is for version 1.57x. Will it work for 2.5 or break my saves? https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/2873763/
  10. I am stuck on this mission too. Any advice on how to complete it? Issues I am facing: -I spawn on hostile batumi but manage to get airbone. Wingmen may or may not make it. -There are 16 F18s and they totally wreck the 7 odd Flankers on our side. I don't think that fight is winnable. Last time I tried, our side lost 4 flankers while shooting down none of them! I couldn't even get to the engagement area in time. -The enemy planes just RTB and there is no way I can get to them. After losing all flankers, I somehow managed to down 2 F18s but the rest returned to their carriers and I cant
  11. Hello, fellow pilots! I am running my current setup with a 1080Ti and Vive. The SDE and low res on the vive is a bit annoying so I am looking to upgrade. I have had my Vive since launch day so that's 2.5 years of solid simming and I have got my money's worth. I am wondering what to upgrade to now. Is the Vive Pro a worthy upgrade? Anyone made the switch and how was your experience? Anyone waiting for the Pimax? I mostly just play sims like DCS, Dirt Rally etc in VR. My problem is I am not in the States so I end up paying 200-300 dollars extra for most of these headsets. Currently I c
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