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  1. Ah! OK, I wasn' aware of that. :P I was thinking it was directed towards the first post... So I apologize, and if possible delete my reply than. Thank you!
  2. Post edited by user because of... because of... hmm... hmm... hmm... ...because of bad Situational Awareness of the same user. :P
  3. Hi David! I'm glad you like the map. No problem with me if you use it for your app. Of course, you have to be aware that eastern (extended) area is missing, and the LL and MGRS grids are not completely precise (they were with BS1 and FC2 map, but now if you use them you will get some errors with coordinates). Regards, Igor
  4. Terrible news... Rest in peace Jim
  5. Pony I highly support your idea. I hope that your project (if started) will not have the same destiny like those that were never finished. I'm also sure that if you achieve the same (or better) quality of the terrain present in the actual Western Caucasus map, there will be no one that would mind to pay reasonable price to buy your new map. Of course, how to protect it is another question. And, if you decide to go with Balkans, I can try to provide you with low and medium altitude photos of the landscapes of Republic of Macedonia. Different seasons if needed. Also I'm able to supply you
  6. NVGs tested practically and I can confirm that you can hear them fixing in up and down position in cockpit with engines running. The sound is significantly choked up and discrete then sounds I provided (maybe you "hear" it more like vibrations of them fixing in position then the actual sound, but you definitely hear it). Having in mind that I had two 2225HP engines and pretty noisy gearbox couple of meters behind and above me, I think this sound would be even more hear able in A-10 considering it is less loud environment than mine.
  7. No problem PeterP! Still have in mind that this was recorded with mobile phone (not professional equipment), and in a small room so echo is quite present, and maybe sounds need a bit tweaking. Also I will try to check today do you actually hear anything in cockpit with engines running, and at which level, and inform you later.
  8. Maybe I wasn't specific enough, I didn't mean that it shouldn't look like the one in DCS, but my personal experiences are the same as with the F-16 video. Of course it is relative thing, depending mostly on the power of the laser pointer. I had chance to work with several types (not sure of their power), but mostly I was just able to see the laser point, or maybe extremely discrete line. Exept the power of the laser, factors that are also important are the distance and angle from which you are observing the laser, and probably the level of darkness of the night and atmosphere conditions. On
  9. I will try to send you recording of the sound tomorrow. Actually battery switch is very soft and you switch it on once before you enter the cockpit, and switch it off after the flight, but the sound of goggles fixing in up or down position is quite louder. Plus it is transferred to your ears via the helmet so maybe it can be heard in cockpit. Honestly I'm not sure since I never payed attention to such detail. :P First chance to test it in cockpit with running engines I will do it.
  10. /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ Great! If you are asking me you can announce that this mod is finished. Still let's see what will gieco1 say about it. BTW LOL! Very enthusiastic!!! :thumbup: If you want I can record the switching sound. But it is so soft really that you wouldn't be able to hear it in the loud cockpit, so maybe you can leave it without sound. If you still want to have the sample let me know and I will try to send it to you tomorrow.
  11. Here is a very interesting video showing NVG view of a F-16 pilot: and continued: Though the whole documentary is worth watching, pay attention from 1:27 of the first link, and continued to the second link, you will see many interesting aspects of flying with NVG. All the time you see the effect of focus set to infinity by watching parts of the cockpit (especially take a look of the HUD frame – it looks almost transparent due to out-of-focus effect). Laser mark from the JTAC is just a spot, and not Star-Wars-Look-Like laser beam. Here it is easy to find it because it
  12. He, he. :) AlphaOneSix I know you also have a lot of experience with those, so any of your suggestions would be valuable. Also, if not already considered, don't you think it would be good idea to raise the question with ED of including this mod in some of next patches? For me NVGs are looking much more realistic with this mod then with default DCS's NVGs.
  13. Wow, this mod is looking better and better! :) First, regarding the blur effect it is - questionable. If we approach the physics point of view, this should be correct (when you look through the NVGs, closer objects would be blurry). So, if we could make "screenshot" of our eyes view it would probably be like this. However, when you are switching your view between outer world and your cockpit, your eyes are reflexively adapting to new focus and we are not even aware of that. The main point with the NVGs is that if they are set correctly for flying (focus set to infinity) you are no longer ab
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