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  1. If it's anywhere near the M-2000C pilot, it will be a blast Best VR pilot right now !
  2. We are talking about the FPS issue here. The problem seems to be tied to Graphic Card drivers: I’m also a new user. I noticed that even in look up, with low altitude filters, the radar seems to be blind. on the opposite, at high altitude you can spot a F-5E at 30km... I don’t know how much realistic it is ?
  3. It's a new hardware which requiers new adaptation. Yes, there is a sweet spot, yes you need to turn your head instead of just tilting your eyes. But for take off, landing, catapult launch and carrier landing, formation flying and in flight refueling...it's so much better. I really enjoy it during dogfight and having to fully turn my head to track the target. And actually, looking at videos, you end up taking the same positions as fighter pilots in real cockpit. Off course, if you have head mobility issues (health), it isn't for you.
  4. Hi, I’m also using the Rift S at the moment. It’s true some writings are small, but it’s even worse on MiG-21Bis Overall, the cockpit is quite simple with few switches. Take the time to study the cockpit in the manual and then on screen. Knowing the cockpit does help a lot. If you can afford it with your hardware, set PD 1.0 in DCS, and Super Sampling between 1.3 and 1.5 in DebugTool. Google it, it’s installed by default with Oculus software. With these settings, I rarely need to zoom to read the switches. I also removed the rubber nose flaps, so I ca
  5. GTX1080 TI, I rolled back from 457.30 to 442.19 to get rid of radar FPS bug.
  6. jojo

    RWR update

    It’s true, SERVAL wouldn’t spot Spoon Rest (A band, 275km range) or Flat Face (C band, 250km range) EW radar. But these would overload the SERVAL display. And you know you have to be on the deck if you want to be unnoticed. At least the system covers Fan Song and Low Blow which are the engagement radars. These are the main threat radar. So the pilot would know when he is targeted by these systems. Most engagement radars would be E band and above.
  7. jojo

    RWR update

    I answered you on MP, but it can be interesting for others: SA-2 FCR: Fan Song E/F or G (depending on variants) SA-3 FCR: Low Blow I (missile remote control on band D). SERVAL: E to J. SABRE: H to J. SERVAL should at least detect SA-2 and SA-3 tracking. SABRE shouldn't be able to jam SA-2, but SA-3 yes. But DCS isn't as detailed about electronic warfare. Sources: Flight Global – Electronic Warfare Directory - 1989 Jane’s radar and electronic warfare system Forecast International
  8. jojo

    Mirage F1 hype

    To avoid spamming the project update topic, share here pictures, videos or informations about various variants of the Mirage F1 And the Voltige Victor. Display starts at 6'00". Mirage F1 CR last air to air gun training.
  9. I'm not sure. I would say it's an easy modification. But given the fact they didn't have Super 530F before procuring former Qataris Mirage F1 EDA, they probably didn't do it. Spain bought EF/A-18A (C.15) in the 1980', upgrading the Mirage F1 was probably a lower priority. It would be wise for Aerges to make a French Mirage F1 C-200, apart from the weapons, it's very close to the CE.
  10. This is wrong. Mirage F1 CE is just Spain variant of the Mirage F1 C. Mirage F1 EE is a Mirage F1 C with INS navigation system. Mirage F1 EQ5/6 were totally multirole: - AA with Super 530F (not Super 530D contrary to what he published multiple times), and Magic. - AG with dumb bombs, laser guided weapons such as BGL and AS30L. - anti-ship with AM39 - anti-radar with BAZ-AR (export of ARMAT) - kind of jamming export with REMORA pod. Nobody else got the full kit.
  11. I said during the 1980'. Today the most advanced Mirage F1 are the Moroccan Mirage F1 M VI, with weapon system derived from Mirage 2000-5, full glass cockpit, Mica missiles and so on... Spanish Air Force did have different sets of RWR in its fleet...
  12. During the 1980', the only one who purchased full options Mirage F1 were the Iraqis with EQ5/ EQ6. Nobody else ever got so advanced Mirage F1. I do hope that we get a French Mirage F1 C-200, very close to Mirage F1 CE. Air refuelling, BF radar threat warning system, Barax jammer pod (also seen on Spanish Mirage), but Super 530F, Magic 1 and later Magic 2. I guess it would be very hard to find data on Exocet use on Mirage F1. I don't even know if any customer outside Iraq used this option, same for targeting pod. Good summary in Spanish: https://www.taringa.net/+militares_en_t/los
  13. With the radar FPS bug, even at half price it's too expensive. I should have come here before buying :mad:
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