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  1. I missed the bold part the first time. When LOC + GLIDE are captured: - pitch trim disengage GLIDE - roll trim disengage LOC This is normal behavior... But the system must capture LOC before GLIDE. So if you un-couple AP LOC + GLIDE with trim input and you want to re-engage LOC + GLIDE, you must unselect L|G on AP panel then re-arm L|G. @RAZBAM_ELMO That behavior is described on the French Mirage 2000C RDM floating on the web for more than 15 years...
  2. Sorry, but I think you’re wrong. Iraqi Army was considered well trained after 10 years of war Vs Iran. Low level attack of airfield was the doctrine back then, Tornado had special purpose JP-233 weapons to destroy runways, and it needed to be used at low altitude. That low altitude profile was selected because SAM threat was considered high at medium altitude. But it’s true that the losses suffered by the RAF Tornado and to lesser extent the damages on French Air Force Jaguar A during attack on Al Jaber put an end to this kind of tactics...
  3. Not on my side (Open Beta) The best tactic I found so far. The worst thing for me is the lack of ship's damage model. You're just damaging the ship's life bar.
  4. In special option, "realistic TDC movement" (or whatever it is called in English, my installation is in French) is unchecked. But when I'm in EXP mode, I can't move the zone the TDC unless I press and hold TDC Designate. I thought that the purpose un-checking "realistic TCD movement" was to avoid that. My X-55 throttle doesn't have a cursor I can press and move...
  5. Here is a great video made by Anthony Cls. If you like DCS M-2000C, have a watch
  6. That's different. US were able to crack Soviet IFF system. So they would send the correct signal trigger Soviet IFF answer, this would give positive hostile ID, whereas no answer doesn't certify hostile. I would bet it was plugged to the radar, not the RWR.
  7. AFAIK, IFF transponder operation isn't simulated by DCS yet.
  8. Super 530D are rail launched. When you jettison, the missiles are dropped on their pylon, this is intended behaviour. There are different behaviours on the jettison depending on weapons and rack.
  9. jojo

    MBDA Meteor on M-2000c

    Well, no. Only the Rafale is equipped with Meteor missile in French Air Force (Eurofighter and Gripen too for other partners). The Mirage 2000-5F uses the Mica as Fox 3 missile. This is a matter of timeframe. As Fox 1 fighter, Mirage 2000C was competitive from mid-1980' to mid-1990'. AIM-120B started to be introduced in 1994, and it took some times. Mirage 2000-5F has been delivered between 1997 and 1999. And even then, Mirage 2000C was still relevant against former Warsaw Pact countries and their allies which were still using Fox 1.
  10. No, there is no "cycle" command. You have to break lock then lock the new one.
  11. Polar coordinates means that you are moving TDC in angle and range in PPI mode. If you set the TDC at 20Nm, and move it left to right or the opposite, the TDC will make an arc of circle. It was previously like that in PPI and X/ Y in B scope. But IRL, it doesn't move like that, it moves in X/ Y mode (top/ bottom & left/ right). So they make it happen in PPI display mode too. But it seems that the TDC is struggling to lock target in PPI mode when you get far from center line. So the TDC gate aperture is there to customize a circle around the TDC to loc
  12. jojo

    AV-8B Status

    Yes, you're right. Lately I'm enjoying CasmoTV content. I'm watching his videos and he drew me back to the Harrier I didn't flew for a while. The guy is US Army AH-64 & OH-58 pilot, so even if he isn't Harrier pilot he has an interesting approach to AG missions, and the videos are good. Maybe Razbam could partner with him for AV-8B features videos ? DCS AV8B Harrier- dropping JDAMs on preplanned targets like a boss - YouTube AV8B DCS Harrier; using TOO to hit multiple targets - YouTube AV8B DCS Harrier- Arrogant Apache pilot tells you the Top 5 things yo
  13. I don't know what was the language of the interview, but translating from Russian "missile" often becomes "rocket". Plus I don't see the interest in putting so much emphasis on AG rockets. ED already communicated they were developing new ways to compute missiles performances (CFD).
  14. Apparently, ED plans is to re-do all weapons developed by 3rd party studios. I have a really bad feeling for Super 530D.
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