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  1. Would be awesome but super unlikely. Hopefully success of the cargo plane though will make ED reevaluate the profit case for a bomber.
  2. Did any of the Naval variants get guns?
  3. Well I hope that’s the case! The red air would certainly be welcome.
  4. I really hope it’s heatblur doing the F-4 but I’m concerned it may be Mag3. And I don’t mean to insult them. But I think heatblur has more experience and resources to do this critical aircraft. Meanwhile the F-8 they’re working on is not too dissimilar in complexity and type from their Mig-21. The Mag-3 tease of an aircraft under Christmas wrapping awhile ago though was consistent with the shape of an F-4. I really look forward to the Corsair and Crusader from them, I’d just prefer to see Heatblur leverage their Tomcat experience for it versus another Dev stepping into uncharted waters.
  5. I'm finally happy a module is taking a long time. I had a water cooling failure and destroyed my computer and it's going to take me some time to save up for a high end VR machine. I would hate to know that beauty is out and flying and I couldn't touch it! I'm joking and don't really hope it gets delayed, but it will be tough waiting on a new computer when it is released.
  6. Oh well man. Your not wrong but i'm still able to make enjoyable scenarios. To each their own.
  7. Up until I destroyed my gaming machine I was enjoying the modern Marianas. No there's not a lot of realistic scenarios but its a play ground for helicopters, C-101, L-39, F-5, Mig-19, and 21. Unfortunately there's not really the red naval assets to fight off a Chinese or Russian invasion. I'd say the better scenario to put the F-18 and F-14 into play is to say its already been taken by the Chinese, load of Anderson with JF-17s and send a carrier/amphib group to take it back. Modern stuff aside though Mag 3 did show a very detailed zero rendering. They're definitely doing and ai. Hopefully they will bring it to a full module.
  8. Thanks guys. Deleting the controller config file did the trick
  9. This is probably a dcs bug but its only affecting the C-101CC for me. With the last update I now have red exclamation marks on my pitch, roll, and rudder axis bindings. Ive tried clearing all of my axis bindings and they are not bound to anything else. It allows me to rebind them but it does not register any movement on the binding screen or in the cockpit. Other aircraft including the c-101 EB are working normally.
  10. Well on Facebook they said they don't have the documents to make MKK.
  11. I hope this ends up being a full module!
  12. It said added Marianas quick start missions but didn't say they added the Marianas. Maybe that part was premature?
  13. I know the purist hate it but I hope we can get a few fictional liveries for the G-91 and 339. At least the US Army test livery even if they never used it. It helps out so much with multiplayer. Its a pain to try to get everyone to download them. And without the Italian assets it helps work it into "what if" scenarios.
  14. If you don't mind HB team, could we get a comment on maps? If they fall into Hope to, plan to, or no plans for categories?
  15. After the last video we got I'm going to guess we have a couple months of coding still based on what wasn't shown. I'd be happy to be proven wrong though
  16. Yep! Very true. And I'm just expressing my opinion on the matter to give ED this customer's preference on EA(F-18 good F-16 bad). If others are happy just being able to fly it thats a valid opinion too. I'm sure I'll end up buying both modules, I'll just wait until I know I'll be happy with their development state.
  17. Prepuchase is planned for the end of summer Hind will probably go into EA in 1-3 weeks(thats just a guess based on wags videos). So it will only be a few months from hind EA to Apache prepurchase. I wasn't happy with the vipers release and I'm not too happy with its pace of development. On the other hind I've been happy with the EA experience and pace of development on the Hornet. So the proximity of release windows to the Hind and Apache have me concerned about them having a development dynamic similar to the Hornet and Viper. If ED has developed a more streamlined process to allow for quicker development then great! And if other people were/are happy with the Viper also great. But I'll be waiting until release to decide if I'll participate in EA with these modules. Edit: "on the other hind" was an unintentional misspelling but Im leaving it in
  18. Not really thrilled about how soon the Apache preorder is coming. After the viper release its concerning how close it will be to the hind.
  19. ha! The mossie will sell just fine. While i think the dedicated bomber would be better than the fighter its not going to hurt future twin engine sales. And will definitely not hurt WWII development. You post sounds like someone who is upset resources went to a project that isn't YOUR favorite. Neither the mossie or the P-38 were on my wishlist, but I'd buy both.
  20. It's nice to see ai assets being added and worked on. As low of a reward they may seem to be for ED revenue wise they're critical to the product. My suggestion though would be to prioritize some of the existing ancient models and then the next new asset should be a technical.
  21. Agreed, I'll definitely be supporting it too. Well assuming the 339 is quality. But the mod was good enough I'll buy it day one so I have no doubt the full module will lead to a day 1 purchase of the G 91.
  22. Nice, not the top of my wishlist but the more cold war aircraft we have the better.
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