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  1. I'm sure they're fine. My guess on why we haven't heard from them is they have no news. They're probably still figuring out what they're next module will be.
  2. Ok, so maybe it doesn't work out. But how about some encouragement instead of negativity? DCS needs more third parties. This can only be a good thing if it works and it doesn't matter if it fails.
  3. Its not an official third party yet but their stated goal is to sell it as a full module and not just release it as a mod. I really hope they are able to, its such a historically important aircraft. I'll definitely buy it.
  4. No one has paid for the Kiowa yet, they can take all the time they need to release a quality product. I'm excited to get it too but I know it'll be worth the wait.
  5. Recently took a deep dive back into the Viggen and this is such a great module. Looking forward to bug fixes and updates!
  6. Not gonna happen, hopefully we can get a Whiskey model.
  7. It took me all of 8 hours of flying radials to have an engine failure in one. A guy I worked for who used to own Hawkins and Powers (google it) said he never saw a Kc-97 land with all four engines running. Edit: Radials are awesome. Just in my very limited experience they lived up to the unreliable reputation.
  8. Definitely the Hellcat. Its been a long time since we had a sim in the Pacific and nothing to DCS quality. After flying the 262 in the "other" sim it leaves me unimpressed. And a DCS fidelity one would only have more issues. I see the appeal, but lets go all in on the Pacific.
  9. Ok, but it still seemed relevant to me.
  10. What? Last post was 8 months ago. This was from a podcast I only saw posted yesterday.
  11. On the air combat sim podcast Nineline reiterated many times the that Nick Grey loves the Hellcat. Maybe the next ED WWII module?
  12. From nineline on discord "I was just told that the Mossie has slipped back behind the Hind, sorry guys." He goes on to say "Yeah, Nick just wasnt happy with the external model, so thats a good thing, he knows whats good and what isnt DCS".
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