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  1. hello there is a minor detail Marj As Sulthan airbase name is written wrong it should be Marj Al-sultan pronounced in Arabic : Marj Assultan , since Arabic sometimes male the L silent meaning of the name : the ruler's"King" plane (plane refers to a terrain type not airplane) + there is no H letter in the word Sultan even in arabic nor in its pronunciation
  2. it locked at last , but seems that laser doesn't guide the bomb , in night mission what I did : flick DMT switch up two video recording system display switch / on dual processor mode selector switch / up both probe mode switch & mission computer mode switch / down INS mode knob = IFA .
  4. I'm trying to use GBI-12 , through Ciribob Autolase script , the laser code in script 1688 the laser code for my GBU-12 is 1111 , I've changed the laser code to 1688 "i'm positive 100%" but I didn't get a lock on the HUD although the sensor LST "selected" , GUB-12 selected "Armed" , Fuse "selected" the confusing thing is when I start the mission and the plane is HOT every thing works fine when I start it form the ramp COLD , I get this problem ,
  5. I’ve created a lot of missions , seems that it dosen’t need activation , it’s already there . And thanks ya’ll for responding
  6. I saw this in one of Razbam's videos before early access is there a key binding for it or a switch to run it !! I've searched the guide [age by page , nothing mentioned there :book:
  7. thanks guys really appreciate it <3
  8. guys I wonder if anyone has a good Thrust master HOTAS warthog profile , av-8b profile , I missed up the slew,TDC And FWD keys for maverick , I would appreciate :cry: and if anyone now how to re-center the maverick piper :cry:
  9. I've crashed in a vertical landing , since then , every time I respawn a warning start when I start the engine says "Landing gear" repeatedly , when I take off and press G landing gear won't go up .
  10. As an Arab playing DCS in a daily bases with my group , it really disappoints me that non of the updates integrated Saudi Arabia Logbook which i uploaded in DCS documents in the website , DCS is a marvelous sim , but as an Arab i can’t write in Arabic , at least in “briefing” - The F-5 skin came with a horrible Arabic writing in the sides “ a flipped liters” I’m not a pilot i’m a medical doctor that learned sim flying and mastered a lot of airplane , purchased the most of DCS modules up to Av-8b My english is good , but a lot of my arab friends are suffering , they are good in f
  11. I wish that eagle Dynamics integrate the Arabic language in the sim . at least the ability to write in Arabic, in the briefing really appreciate your efforts guys.
  12. we're waiting for both : strait of hormuz and F/A-18 thanks for commenting
  13. **:poster_offtopic: recently I've noticed a lot of Arabs got interested in DCS World , but unfortunately they seem to find it hard to learn and practice this awesome sim, mainly due to language barrier , so I've decided to dedicate my youtube channel just to give decent DCS World tutorials in Arabic . Q : why did i choose to target Arab audience ? A : Arab audience mainly in gulf countries has a tremendous purchasing power , which leads to further development in the sim . ----------------- so here i am starting with the Mirage
  14. hello from Saudi Arabia I've moded : insignia ,ranking strips and 8 medals for Royal Saud Air force the mod is attached below, I wish that It'll be integrated in DCS soon https://files.fm/f/ud5aak35 thank you guys for this awesome sim
  15. yes in easycomm / menu ATC is working fine ,but JTAC no respond
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