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  1. Thanks all, it sounds like it is possible to locate and target a previously unknown SAM threat, but quite common to simply avoid them. Avoiding is probably my best bet :) Thinking about it a bit more, I suppose in reality a sortie should have a defined objective, and any risks outside of that objective would be avoided in real life. And if the objective *is* a SAM, then most likely its location will be known in advance. Thanks again!
  2. A general question about tactics with the a-10c... When I see/hear an alert on the RWR, I can tell that there is a particular type of SAM nearby - and the approximate direction of that SAM (Unlike the f16, the A-10c doesn't seem to have a ground radar). Should that alert be enough for a competent A-10c pilot to locate and eliminate the threat? At the moment, I have enough difficulty locating targets even when I know they're beside a waypoint. Or would skilled people just avoid any area where there appears to be a SAM? Thanks.
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