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  1. Hah, I had the Dora for a while, but wasn't any good at taking off. I managed to lift off maybe 1 time in 10. In the new FW190, I discovered the circuit breakers. It's much easier when stuff like flaps and gear are working! (D'oh)
  2. Come off it, ED expect me to read that much content in the change logs? What kind of operation is this? Will somebody please read it for me and be outraged on my behalf. ;) Nice update today, I'm looking forward to trying out the new FW190 and seeing what else has been improved.
  3. I bought the BS2. I have what I paid for - at least I will when the textures have been updated so I can tell which buttons are pressed. The BS2 is the most modern clickable Red aircraft available in DCS. I think. That alone means I will jump on a BS3 when it's released. Making it a cheaper upgrade for existing BS2 owners is decent, and means I won't be able to resist.
  4. Personally, I play in DCS and *another sim* and enjoy both. What excites me about the DCS Viper is that what I learn/practice in either simulation can be beneficial to me in the other. I get frustrated returning to a plane I haven't flown in a while, and needing to look up how to start it... it's like I'm standing at the side of the road with a puncture, and having to call somebody for help. It' a definite pre-purchase for me!
  5. I'm not sure this is a bug, but hopefully somebody can advise... The second F-14 mission (ship stuck off Iranian coast, enemy boats & chopper in the area, etc) I've tried it a few times, but I can't seem to find anything to do. First of all, the amount of fuel provided is barely enough to fly to the disabled ship and back. I can resolve that by refueling before taking off from the carrier. I follow waypoints 1 and then 2 to get to the ship. I spot the enemy chopper, but as per instructions, I don't shoot as I'm not threatened. A Tomcat doesn't feel threatened by a twirlycopter, dammit. Nothing else happens. My wingman runs out of fuel very shortly after arriving at the ship, and the rumoured Mig 23s don't show up. I've watched the TacView replay, and there are no other flying enemies. Is there something I should be doing to trigger some actions?
  6. You guys think you have problems? I flew the F14 for a few hours yesterday, and didn't see the effect. I didn't even know it existed until I saw this thread. What does that say about my flying style? Not once did I stress myself and the airframe enough to trigger the effect. I hope it will be available long enough for me to see it this evening... Maybe I should just fly a Gulfstream around the battlezones instead. :D
  7. I found it a great change from the style of other campaigns I've flown. As mentioned above, the feeling of being part of a larger coordinated initiative, rather than a "save the world" mission. The thing that stood out for me is that the campaign is far more detailed and realistic than anything you could get from a dynamic campaign. Yes, a dynamic campaign can offer innumerable different missions, but this one was far more immersive than anything I've seen in other sims.
  8. I experienced that at one point. I think the problem was the metal in my earphones' headband. I put some separation between the headband and the Edtracker, and it's better now.
  9. Yes, he's right. Every module I buy is definitely the last one.
  10. I'm the last one who should be to be trying to give advice, but... Have you tried using your radar to zero onto the target? The accuracy has to be very good, and the Viggen navigation is a bit old and the tolerance for errors is very small. Also, I always release two BK90 at a time, to improve the chances of a good hit :)
  11. A technique I've noticed when replaying some campaign missions in Tacview is to replace the wingman with a new fresh one. Typically, the wingman will leave the immediate vicinity of the player, be replaced with a new plane, and the new plane returns to the player. Maybe this could be used to "refresh" the wingman with full tanks?
  12. I have no problem with how the EA model works at the moment. I'm big enough and ugly enough to know when I'm taking a risk. And I like to support this small set of companies that provides the virtual planes that I keep crashing. :) But I do worry for the future. The pace of module development/release appears to be accelerating, with sales of new modules funding the maintenance and further development of of older modules. This works ok when a developer has 2-3 modules. But imagine when developers have a greater number of modules. Will sales of a new F22 module in the year 2022 (I wish!) be able to fund its own development, plus the updating of 6 older modules from the same developer? Will that developer have the personnel and the time? A small team can continue to release one new module at a time, but that doesn't mean they can also maintain a continually-growing library of older modules. Maybe the future is a subscription-based service. I hope not. Or maybe the interface between DCS World and the modules can be made more flexible, so modules don't need to be rebuilt for each release and are more backwards compatible? E.g. each module requesting the features it needs from DCS and broadcasts the features it provides to DCS, rather than a static API that changes with each release. I have no idea how it works today; I'm only guessing. But it does appear that the updating of previous modules is a significant overhead even now.
  13. Is it the case that the two folders are gradually repopulated, as you fly each module? If so, is there a command that can be issued to regenerate it all in one go?
  14. So the new 3.0 campaign replaces the previous "Enemy Within"? The reason I ask is because I own both, but I never got around to flying the original :music_whistling: I assume I should just fly 3.0, not the original. I.e. they have the same general storyline but 3.0 is superior. Thanks.
  15. I have both, and I think I spend more time in the Mirage. As the more mature module, there's more great single-player content. Also, while it's a positive that the Hornet is continually being developed, I like that with the Mirage (being a "simpler" plane anyway) it's somewhat easier to learn the systems, and they do not change significantly between updates. So for now I prefer the Mirage, but the Hornet is probably a more interesting plane overall, and once it stabilises I'll probably prefer that.
  16. I recommend the Mirage. It's modern enough to have Fox1 missiles, synthetic runway on the HUD, a decent radar with IFF, etc. But old enough not to have a complex clutter of systems and menus. It's powerful but not confusing.
  17. I'm not sure Razbam fully appreciates the urgency of this module. My PC is infested with B52 bombers, and my Mig-15 just hasn't got the legs to catch them :D I must say, I appreciate Razbam's up-front and honest communication.
  18. I'm looking forward to the Mig-19 more than the Western jet that I've pre-ordered... I feel a little dirty. :D
  19. I got shot down in my Mig21 (With a Soviet skin) the other night, and as I gently parachuted to earth, I had plenty of time to think about how unfair life is. I was able to twist my head around 180 degrees to see my own pilot's face. He was a guy with different skin tone to me, and a dodgy 'tache. To be fair, that 'tache probably fitted with the era of Soviet Mig-21s. It got me thinking. If making the sim *more unrealistic* means extra development effort, then I'm against it. Ideally, the pilots should fit with the era/geography of the jet and its skin. E.g. a Chinese-skinned Mig-15 would presumably have a pilot that looks Chinese. A US plane from the modern era could have any skin colour. If there's a choice, fine. If not, any random realistic pilot would suffice. If a company is committed to developing 10 skins for a modern western jet (or collection of jets), maybe some variation would be good - and realistic. I think that's how I would see diversity. Not for its own sake, or to "raise awareness". But to reflect the reality of the world in which these planes flew and continue to fly.
  20. Thanks, a couple of good ideas there. Especially the "flashing" of contacts outside the TDC, and Fixed Beam.
  21. I've looked in the Mig21 DCS documentation, and can't see a dscription of the radar "lock" mechanism. E.g. - The situation is that I'm attacking a bomber that has a single fighter as an escort. I want to pick off the escort first. Before I'm within firing range, I can see them both on the horizon. They are moving left to right. The bomber is in front, the fighter trailing slightly behind. On my radar, I can see I have two contacts, very close together. So close that they mostly overlap, that I can't tell whether I'm locking onto the bomber or the fighter. Does the radar lock onto: (a) the contact within the radar brackets with the minimal range from me (b) the "most central" contact - the one closest to the direction my nose is pointing © any random contact within the radar brackets (d) some other algorithm? Thanks.
  22. I can empathise with that. However, I have found that if I start to enjoy a module, my opinions on its looks can change. Main examples: - Viggen. This was almost the last of the DCS modules i bought. I just couldn't get over the looks and steampunk interior. But after having a blast with it, I have grown to appreciate the aesthetics. It's my favourite module now. - The Mig-15. But as I grew to enjoy how simple it is to throw around the sky, its simple lines grew on me.
  23. I don't think you can do that any more. As far as I know, modules since the M2000 no longer use Starforce DRM, and so Steam keys for those modules can't be activated on Stand-alone DCS. I'm open to correction though.
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