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  1. I don't know enough about the Eurofighter to have strong feelings either way, but it's one of those mods I'll have to buy. I'd imagine it'll feel a bit different to the F/14, F/15 and F/16. The Viggen is an interesting mod for the same reason. I remember a Eurofighter sim from the mid-90s (not sure if I'm allowed to name it here) that was fun but played electro-music while flying. I'm glad that trend hasn't continued to DCS today!
  2. Have you the F-16, or plan on getting it? If so, the Hornet will have a similar capability, whereas the Harrier is quite different. (obviously there are differences between the F-16 and Hornet, but I find them more similar than most other jets while actually flying)
  3. On a practical level, I'd agree. It would make it possible to decide whether or not I have time for "one more mission". However, just to be devil's advocate... for me the main strength of a scripted campaign (versus a dynamic campaign) is the story-telling. When I watch a movie, I can sometimes tell that although the story appears to be ending, there's a twist coming - we're not yet near 1:30. Telling me the expected duration of a mission may also prepare me for an upcoming twist. An element of uncertainty might sometimes be best...?
  4. I use the little "Canopy Jett" lever. Works a treat! :D (I agree though, I would prefer the canopy to have no reflections. I'm slightly less concerned with reflections on instruments)
  5. Yep, my download speed is pretty bad too. Funny enough, my upload speed is far more healthy :/
  6. Yeah, there are plusses and minuses to whatever way we do things. I used to do it the way you describe, but I wasn't happy that: (a) Changing planes in the middle of a DCS session meant I had to go back to the desktop and select a new Saitek (/Logitech) profile. Or do you standardise keypresses between all DCS modules so there's only one Saitek (/Logitech) DCS profile? (b) Shifted keys. I might press two HOTAS buttons at once. One of those buttons might map to <shift>W and the other might map to R. Mightn't DCS think <shift>R is being pressed? Do you avoid creating any Shift/Ctrl/Alt keypresses in your DCS Keyboard mapping? I'm happier letting DCS manage all HOTAS functions and having a single simple Saitek DCS profile. But you've a good point, there was one time I needed to remap *everything* for all modules I own. That was not a good weekend.
  7. I wonder if there'll be any change to how planes behave when landing and they clip the edge of the deck? I've done it a number of times, and the plane explodes. I can't help thinking that in real life, the plane's momentum would carry it onto the deck. Even if there may be a little bit of a mess to be swept up afterwards. :P
  8. My memory could be playing tricks on me, but I think ATC responds to "Inbound" with a distance indication, but "Request Azimuth" doesn't indicate distance. For this reason, I sometimes call an "abort approach", and then call "Inbound" again, to find out how far I have to travel.
  9. Looks like it'll be a great Christmas update, thanks for all the effort!
  10. I wonder then is it lighting conditions that make these U.S. canopies appear clear and tinted. Or maybe the gold tinting varies in hue for different batches, or by age.
  11. I think I remember reading that an F-16 could have gold, blue or clear glass, depending on coatings. Here's an image showing gold and clear together on a single aircraft: http://www.f-16.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=12283 So I suppose it's less a question of realism, and more a personal preference.
  12. I'm probably in a minority of 1 on this but since we're only dreaming... I'd like to see a high-fidelity, clickey-cockpit Su-25T. I find it hard to get enthusiastic about FC3 aircraft, but I'd like to fly this. And maybe it would be a shorter/easier development than a completely new airframe?
  13. Yeah, I think you're right - looks like a type from me. I've just corrected it, thanks.
  14. Yep, some very interesting answers. Thanks all!
  15. I haven't used up my "stupid question" quota for the day, so... The F-16 does everything. SEAD, Strike, CAP, etc. Everything except dropping the kids to school. In the real world (e.g. USAF), would a single pilot be expected to be an expert at all of it? Or would there be different pilots specialising in different mission types? It seems like a lot for one person to stay current on - flying A-A is a very different skill to attacking ground targets, especially with the range of weapons available to the F-16. IMHO of course.
  16. I'd love to see inside the sausage factory. It'd be great to see a short documentary feature (maybe 30 mins) on the production of a DCS module. It could be released some time after the module has been completed, showing what went into its production. I'm very curious to see things like: - the internal discussion (or part of the discussion) to decide to implement that particular aircraft. - Are there visits to museums to see the real-life aircraft? What's the reaction from the team seeing it for the first time? - Maybe hear some of the discussion with the real-life experts who flew it. It would be interesting to hear their experiences. - what does the designer/developer/modeller's desktop look like? What does (s)he actually see during development? - a major problem that the developer/modeler experienced and is proud of solving. E.g. something with the flight model or weapons behaviour. - the release of the module. Is there a little celebration? This might not work well for a module with complex systems, like the Hornet or Viper - they get released in early access, with continuous improvements and features over an extended period. Maybe something like the F-5 or Mig-19 would be more suitable, where they're released more or less feature complete. Then, some time after release, it would be fantastic to have a short feature made available. I can see reasons why this may not be realistic. The developers have enough to be doing besides spending time explaining their work to a camera. There may be confidentiality issues with the development process. And maybe not everybody wants to be on camera. But as well as being interesting, could it be beneficial as a form of marketing?
  17. Can confirm the same crash at the end of mission 5. DCS version
  18. Thanks Chuck, your guides make DCS so much more accessible. With the large number of modules available, it's easy to forget how to use a particular system, and it's great to have a collection of guides with consistent layout and style.
  19. For me, the F/A-18 is an incredible weapons platform that happens to be in the air. The F-5 is a seat-of-the-pants plane that happens to have a few weapons. I get a lot of fun from the F-5, but it does suffer on most multiplayer servers, especially now that groups of F/A-18 have datalink. Looking at single-player DLC campaigns, I think the F-5 has two versus one for the f/A-18, but I imagine the F/A-18 will eventually have more due to the (presumably) larger sales of the module.
  20. Yep, that sounds like my recent attempts going up against the skilled players on a certain multiplayer server :P
  21. Thanks. I probably need more time to gain confidence to know when the SA page is not needed. I find myself using the SA page all the time. When I'm far from enemy territory, it shows me what to expect (positions of enemy planes and friendlies that are engaging them). As I get closer, it also shows threat circles for SAMs/AAA on the ground. And when engaging ground defenses, it has the JSOW ranging circles. I may be using it too much as a safety blanket.
  22. Hi. Some time back, I took a break from the Hornet. Coming back to it now, there's a load of new stuff to learn. It has certainly come a long way! I'm finding the SA screen vey useful. In hindsight, flying without it is like being half blind. There's a lot of commonality between SA and the HSI pages. If using the SA page, is there any benefit to also looking at the HSI? I have noticed that the JSOW weapons display ranging circles on the HSI, and I haven't seen them on the SA page, but I may have missed a button to enable them. I'd just like to avoid taking up valuable MFD space with duplicated functionality. Thanks.
  23. A lot of people find it easier to start with FC3, but it wasn't for me. I prefer a clicky cockpit. I find it easier to click a specific switch (that I can see) on a console, rather than remembering a keyboard combo or shifted HOTAS combo. As a beginner, I found the F5 great. It was quick to start and get into the air, simple to operate (not too many switches or modes), but had radar-controlled gunsights. And sidewinders. I find the Mig-19 to be a similar piloting experience for the red side. It's new to DCS, so not much extra content for it yet, but it also has IR missiles and a radar-guided gunsight. Not to mention an afterburner :D
  24. I think other than the obvious things (dynamic campaign etc), the number one wish on my list would be a destructible environment. I'd like to see craters being produced, especially on airbases. Scenery being destroyed. Trees toppled.
  25. Yep. Enjoy! Ooh, I think I just wee'd myself a little. There's my weekend spoken for. Thanks!!!
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