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  1. Thanks all - interesting answers, and they make sense.
  2. How frequent is it (in the real world) to separate the halves of a split throttle and have them at different levels? Is it only done in the case of an unusual problem with an engine? I'd guess that for minor asymmetric thrust problems, maybe trimming would be a simpler way to even things out. The question came to mind because looking at some throttles, there are hats and buttons across both halves of the split throttle, which I imagine might be awkward to use if the halves aren't together.
  3. We're speculating on revenue models, when we don't have visibility of the ED's figures. I don't know what models would or wouldn't work for ED, but I do have my own priorities: I want to "own" the thing. Legally I don't think we can own software, but we can "own" the perpetual license to run it. It's not the same, but it's as close as we can get. I think the "simulations" software category ages pretty well. I still use a certain combat aircraft sim from the late 90s, a certain WW2 submarine sim from 2007... I "own" them and can install them regardless of what happens to the companies that d
  4. Aw Jeez, look at the size of those release notes. Am I supposed to read them all? By myself? Stupid ED giving me all this work. ( Good work guys, looks like a great release :) )
  5. There's a guy called Phil who has a DCS WW2 Youtube channel, and he . The outcome seems to be that the spotting in DCS (at least air-air) is accurate, but requires the zoom level to be correct in relation to your distance from the screen - which leaves you very zoomed in with a narrow field of view on a typical screen If you zoom out to see more of the cockpit and surroundings, the spotting is far more difficult.
  6. I'm quite happy with the less frequent releases. When I was a developer, I can remember the constant pressure of very tight release cycles. There's probably a lot of fixed overhead involved in issuing a release and probably difficult to automate testing. Less frequent releases may mean more improvements/fixes. Also means less stress on my F5 key waiting to see if there's a new release every Friday/Wednesday :)
  7. I don't know enough about the Eurofighter to have strong feelings either way, but it's one of those mods I'll have to buy. I'd imagine it'll feel a bit different to the F/14, F/15 and F/16. The Viggen is an interesting mod for the same reason. I remember a Eurofighter sim from the mid-90s (not sure if I'm allowed to name it here) that was fun but played electro-music while flying. I'm glad that trend hasn't continued to DCS today!
  8. Have you the F-16, or plan on getting it? If so, the Hornet will have a similar capability, whereas the Harrier is quite different. (obviously there are differences between the F-16 and Hornet, but I find them more similar than most other jets while actually flying)
  9. On a practical level, I'd agree. It would make it possible to decide whether or not I have time for "one more mission". However, just to be devil's advocate... for me the main strength of a scripted campaign (versus a dynamic campaign) is the story-telling. When I watch a movie, I can sometimes tell that although the story appears to be ending, there's a twist coming - we're not yet near 1:30. Telling me the expected duration of a mission may also prepare me for an upcoming twist. An element of uncertainty might sometimes be best...?
  10. I use the little "Canopy Jett" lever. Works a treat! :D (I agree though, I would prefer the canopy to have no reflections. I'm slightly less concerned with reflections on instruments)
  11. Yep, my download speed is pretty bad too. Funny enough, my upload speed is far more healthy :/
  12. Yeah, there are plusses and minuses to whatever way we do things. I used to do it the way you describe, but I wasn't happy that: (a) Changing planes in the middle of a DCS session meant I had to go back to the desktop and select a new Saitek (/Logitech) profile. Or do you standardise keypresses between all DCS modules so there's only one Saitek (/Logitech) DCS profile? (b) Shifted keys. I might press two HOTAS buttons at once. One of those buttons might map to <shift>W and the other might map to R. Mightn't DCS think <shift>R is being pressed? Do you avoid creating any Shift/
  13. I wonder if there'll be any change to how planes behave when landing and they clip the edge of the deck? I've done it a number of times, and the plane explodes. I can't help thinking that in real life, the plane's momentum would carry it onto the deck. Even if there may be a little bit of a mess to be swept up afterwards. :P
  14. My memory could be playing tricks on me, but I think ATC responds to "Inbound" with a distance indication, but "Request Azimuth" doesn't indicate distance. For this reason, I sometimes call an "abort approach", and then call "Inbound" again, to find out how far I have to travel.
  15. Looks like it'll be a great Christmas update, thanks for all the effort!
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