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  1. @3WA Just an FYI, those of us in the DCS ground crew are not employed by Eagle Dynamics. We are simply volunteer greeters or a helpful hand if someone comes across issues. We do our best to help when possible but, we are still customers of DCS and volunteer our opinions from time to time. I would love to see more variety in ground assets within the sim. Armor modules would be great to experience, especially now that 4 player multi crew is available. But, what would the demand be for such a module? Is it worth it to spend the time to code such a module? Do the physics of the engi
  2. Stalinium is the word you are looking for . Currently DCS doesn't model the kind of damage you are looking for. the Blast is only applied to the shelter object itself. Would be amazing to see in the sim someday, but if you are looking to destroy the aircraft inside you have to angle the desired munition into the entrance of the shelter.
  3. Would love to see this bird in the Sim, ED isn't likely to make it so... Help us Cobra-Wan Kenobi. Your our only hope.
  4. That would depend on how you intend to use the Carrier. Since it is not technically operated in the same way that you would an aircraft, you would not be able to "drive" it around the map without access to the Combined Arms module. Technically any aircraft can operate off of the carrier if the pilot is "skilled" enough, but that will require you to create your own mission in the mission editor. If you are looking for missions that are already made for you, then you will need to buy an aircraft module that has those missions included. The F-18 has the most missions available at the moment by de
  5. Greetings and welcome to the Forum! You do not use the module icon to enter the sim, but rather the menu options off to the right. If you Click on the quick mission, campaign, or training options it will allow you to choose the module you want to use on the left of the screen and a list of available missions for the aircraft will populate. The Super Carrier is unique, in that it is treated like more of an asset than a module and will be only usable in specific missions that were created with it. Most of these will fall under the F-18. I hope that helps!
  6. Aircraft do not work that way. Turning something off will not give you an increase in engine performance because there is technically no on/off switch that directly effects anything on the engine other than fuel flow or air flow. Aircraft that use an electrical starter will draw power from the aircrafts batteries like in a car or using an APU, however the electric generators on aircraft are designed to provide more than enough power to keep everything on permanently that is needed to operate the aircraft without causing additional mechanical work load on the engines.
  7. Depends, are you talking scripted mission with specifically assigned ordinance or open type mission?
  8. It's an easy in-sim tool to track personal accomplishments. Some people use it to simulate their virtual combat pilot career as a bit of role play. It's also an achievement tracker of sorts as it awards you medals, rank, etc.
  9. No problem at all :). Just helping manage expectations. Beta is definitely not for everyone. Here is the link for the utility by Skatezilla. https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=2666866&postcount=1 Should help for the times where you wanna try the new shiny things in open beta, but switch back to stable if you decide open beta isn't for you.
  10. Sadly Barundus, it's not... I'm sure you have overwhelmingly noticed by now that there is certain subset of people on the forums that think they know more about something than anyone else. Especially when it comes to telling developers how to run their business or telling pilots who actually flew the specific aircraft being modeled that they are wrong. Comes with the hobby unfortunately. Best to ignore them when they are being hyperbolic and take anything they say with a grain of salt.
  11. No one can really answer how long it will take for the new map and module to move from beta to stable. That determination is made by ED. When they feel the build is stable enough to move it, then they will. The real question you have to ask yourself is; 'Am I patient enough to wait or do I want the new things now?' Beta comes with risks. It could break certain pieces of the sim that may frustrate you. If you can live with that, then go for it, but if you prefer a more stable experience, then stick with stable. The open beta is not meant to be the primary user branch, but for mass user testing
  12. No problem. Just keep in mind that the open beta has the potential to, and has in the past, introduce bugs and other issues that could render the Sim unusable or broken (or at least certain pieces of it) for some users. It is not intended to be the primary branch for using DCS. That is what the stable branch is for. If you can't handle the potential of game breaking issues causing frustration, the Open Beta is not for you. It's designed purpose is to allow for mass user testing and bug reporting from the community.
  13. Repth


    Glad to see the 3rd party developer stable continuing to grow! It's also nice to see Italian aircraft getting some love. Looking forward to see what you are able to bring to the ever growing hangar :thumbup:
  14. No it will not be available on the stable branch on day one. You will need open beta. Once ED is satisfied that module is in a relatively stable state, it will be added to the stable branch and you will have access to fly it then.
  15. There are plenty of people still actively flying the A-10 and have been eagerly awaiting the A-10C II upgrade for many years, myself included. Not everyone is solely flying the new shiny toys over other modules. Just because one team is working on the A-10C upgrades does not mean that everyone at ED is. It's best not to assume the wants of others :).
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