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  1. Few months ago i did not have, now it looks like this when i look in some directions, is like flickering textures. Is my card dying or the drivers got worse? Thanks.
  2. This right-to me manever i saw it on the tutorials and is after trimming, my heli is not trimmed, that is the default possition after engine startup. I think is not natural, is like a preset.
  3. When i start engines i have the cyclick offset without any autopilot activated. My joystick is calibrated. I am missing something?!
  4. Thanks for the NEWS Wags. Is better to have some of these, more often :D
  5. ok, thank you, so i understand that i must practice :D
  6. After take off, level @ angel 6, and first turn right to steerpoint the training officer does not say anything. I damage his plane with guns and he landed, but still terminates the mission if i want to land. Any tips how to trigger next steps after first right turn ? Thx
  7. On su 33 i can feel diff brakes. Su 27 too. On carrier i allmost never use them(there is no need).
  8. On my SU 33 and SU 27, My X and Y pedal axis (mfg crosswind) do not brake all the way. (from a scale 0 to 2, they brake only until 1. how can i make them brake like "Lshift +W" ? Thanks
  9. Probably i wish impossible, but i`m not the only one (for shure) who thinks that this 2 major "things" will improve quantity and quality of DCS in general. This without speacking of number of third party willing to "invest" in DCS. PS: i do not like to fly civil planes.
  10. If you are shure that when you exit autopilot, the plane is with stick centered, then check or modify the deadzone of your joystick, becouse autopilot counters your joystick`s problem. I fly often Su 33 and never noticed this problem.
  11. I`m playing in 4k on 28" Samsung monitor (is really beautiful :D ) and i find allmost imposible to see planes (objects in flight through cockpit glass or hud). Any tips? :D
  12. For me are blank, in any type of graphic settings, also are selected in "gameplay". Is my problem or is general bug? (dcs Thanks
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