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  1. @Wags@BIGNEWY Can we have these skins as official skins please?
  2. The reason is that, if set to be as real radio communication in mission options for single player mission or campaign or MP , you have to use the keybinding which is belonging to that aircraft radio UHF/VHF ... if you are in Heli, most probably the doors should be open, and if your in WWII /early cold war planes, the canopy should be open
  3. Use \ or RAlt+\ or RCtrl+\ to command for removing wheel chocks, if it didn't help, open canopy and try it out.
  4. Very good question, Thanks for raising this @BIGNEWY , I believe it should be base on realistic data, the F-16 Should be able to carry HARM, Mavericks and Sparrow, I know different block has different capabilities, but it will not hurt the simulator if we can have these capabilities, although may sound not practical to carry 4 HARMS or 8 Maverick but this will be user decisions https://www.f-16.net/f-16_armament_article10.html https://www.f-16.net/f-16_armament_article4.html Need to point people would say no/yes due to some specific reasons, such as MP or because they are flying
  5. F-5, F-4 & A-37 Dragon fly (I edited my post, I would not my forget my self because I forget to mention A-37) not a plane but I wish we can have it soon -> AH-1
  6. while you are talking about 40s, 50s era, I dont know why people are talking about 60s, 70s ! Mine one is F-86 , F-80 and F-84 in same order
  7. ". They were removed from the community vote pool to prevent double voting. " why do u make things up from no where! where did it mentioned such this!
  8. I believe its INS alignment problem, you need to align after both engines startup, before or after rearming, during the alignment pilot should avoid re-arming
  9. @Shmoo42 no, i didnt find these liveries at https://discord.gg/5m5BJXw6 on #heatblur-voting! "every single livery here was in the LAG discord. " can you please provide the link ?!
  10. Congratulation to winners, I believe the voting was in DCS livery Art Group! AM I right? If the answer is positive, how these liveries won the completion while they didnt participate in voting! if the HB choose the winners WHY did you guys ask the community to vote ?!
  11. IPGF Squadron: Raviar - Blue - F-16 Alpha-Whiskey - Blue - F-16
  12. @BIGNEWY Thanks, but I believe probably there would be an issue with IR signature and RCS, comparing the SAMs in DCS to the reallity, the DCS SAMs and Manpads are much deadlier, would be related to the IR signature and RCS? appreciate it if IR signature and RCS from Manpads and SAMs point of view can get review specially on their effectiveness in comparison to chaff/flare from different modules
  13. 1st I would like to thank you a lot for all the effort, I am not really tomcat driver however this campaign is great. after I got shoot by the viper, i didnt receive any damage but I believe it called for "killed" and the viper disengaged, i cant really remember it , i was a bit shocked
  14. as the title says, the F-16 fired fox-2 on headon pass before 3/9 line Track file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1r3a_Ow-S9-Yf5K1Qa8F6HdsiV__tL_0Q/view?usp=sharing Tacview-20210211-134737-DCS-Zone 5 - 02.zip.acmi as it shows in tacview the viper is dramatically slow
  15. i dont believe the SA-6 or tor can lock on F-117 at all
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