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  1. Those are the skins i made for the Argentinian Tucanos
  2. Hi! any chance to get the template so i can paint some stuff??? Thanks
  3. Any new? Im also looking for the pilot template
  4. HI! Theres any pilot template?? I can´t find it or Ka50 uses another aircraft pilot?? Thanks
  5. Hi! It seems that the EDGE 540 produces an error in the encyclopedia that does not allow it to load and keeps the blue windows wheel spinning, uninstall the module and the encyclopedia loads normally.
  6. Hi! how the harpoon works with your mod? I´ve noticed harpoon is weaker than mavericks against ships, take 2 or 3 Mavs to sink a Grisha but the Harpoon does much more less damage, only 1 Harpoon should be enought to sink a Grisha.
  7. Hello! Is there a way to assign by Target macros only to some keys? For example eac on/off assign to landing gear up/down? Without Target those keys only receive one input and using Target my problem is that the rest of the Throttle keys are disabled.
  8. La forma fácil es marcar el blanco con el pod y luego mantener la tecla waypont UP para que marque la bomba el punto de impacto. Es similar al modo TOT del Hornet.
  9. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3306967/
  10. Really Nice, you could put Cnl Olds Name on it, He buid the wolfpack spirit on vietnam
  11. after jester was ejected when we were in final approach of landing (engine right damaged and stopped), once stopped the plane on the runway, all systems completely off, requested repairs, once completed, continued without the canopy and likewise could not start the plane again. I Have to respawn to fly again
  12. Buen dia! viendo que se viene el FW 190-D8 y por otro lado esta en oferta en Steam el IL 2 pregunto si alguno lo tiene que conviene mas?? todavía no tengo ningún modulo de la WW2 de DCS, así que tendría que empezar por Normanda mas los agregados y algún avión o ir directamente al IL 2 que ya viene con todo listo para arrancar?? Gracias
  13. Yo estoy volando Harrier en el PVE "4YA", si hay gente en el golfo sino en Cáucaso. Estaría bueno probar con el Harrier marcar blancos y que otros tiren sus LGB. Mi Nick es -_Max_-
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