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  1. Thanks dude, I'm quite happy with the way it's turned out. It's dimensionally the closest model/plans that exist at the moment. Cobra was kind enough to let me use his laser scans of the front pit to make it. It was designed as a modular design so you can tinker and build as much or little of it as you like. I desinged the bulkheads to be 12mm with a 20mm steel rail so that you can climb over the side and into the pit without any chance of breaking stuff but it's probally overkill. A couple of things to think about would be if its going to be a VR only pit or something like
  2. Heya Lodkins, This post might help. https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3788502&postcount=180
  3. Sagil, These are looking really good. What joystick gear are you planning on putting in it to make it work? I'll order this and the side stick soon. Mumbles
  4. Hey Guys, Hope your all staying safe, Latest copy of the pit is attached. The model is at a point which you could build your own front seat minus the instruments and panels. I'll keep working those parts slow time. I've seen plenty of work on these forums that should cover most of it anyway. If you mod the plans, let me know what you did and chuck them up here for everyone. Cheers, Mumbles Mumbles F-14B Front Pit SKP Model 29 Mar 2020.zip
  5. Howdy, It's been a while since I've been able to get anything done with the Pit. I have finally, more or less finalised the front pit frame. I'm still working the 3d models/files for instruments and panels etc. The only think I want to sort before I realise the front pit, is the canopy bow sub-assembly (purple structure). It's still missing some longitudinal support. It's built to be modular, the green frame is duplicated across both sides and gets bolted together. The blue section is the centre pedestal and you will be able to swap out the panels on it as you see fit for the model
  6. Afternoon, Has anyone in Aus got their shirts yet? I haven't head a peep. Cheers, Mumbles
  7. Heya Mariner, So the seat cushions are made from high density foam in 20 and 10mm cuts made to measure for the seat. I was going to make up the pads to sit in a pouch so that they could be removed to be cleaned, however my current seat was a test build so I just stapled fabric over the top under tension to hold them in place. They are holding up fine. The inherent problem is that ejection seats are inherently uncomfortable for long durations due to the requirements of positioning a body for ejection. The more padding in the seat, the greater the peak instantaneous g your body will be
  8. Punk, That's awesome dude. Was that an ebay find? Mariner I've attached a PDF of the panel for you. It's in A4 and not the most paper saving way to do it but just print it and stick them together like a puzzle. If you need a hand with it let me know. Cheers, Mumbles Left Vert Panel in A4.pdf
  9. Strike thanks for putting that up. Mariner. I will pull that part out and flaten it soon for you. Once its done I'll send it to you via pm. It might take a few days to get to it. Just as a bit of an update, bought an Odyssey for a bit of a look at VR and what I can do to maybe intergrate it into the pit. Should have it late next week. I'll hopefully have new copy of the model out soon with the new parts. Do you guys want the panels as a pdf or stl files first when I get round to making thr model into better plans? Cheers, Mumbles
  10. Hey Fara, Yes you do at the moment. I will eventually get round to making all the parts PDFs, but only once I have had the full pits frame completed. As I continue to build it i might tweek parts and then change to model to suit. If you want to do it I suggest that you install both SketchUp and primo pdf. The free version of sketchup wont natively print to pdf. The same basic steps as above would apply to get the prints at the right size. Hope this helps. Mumbles.
  11. Heya, Got asked to expand on the best way to print these. To start, highlight the component that your trying to make a template for and move it into a new SketchUp file. Then under the Camera tab select "Parallel Projection" and then an appropriate "Standard View" that will show the component in a plan form view. (Pic One) Once this is completed change the size of the SketchUp app to have the least amount of dead space around the model. (This will eliminate the extra pages that it will try to print outside the component). (Pic Two) Then select File, Print. Under the print set
  12. Evening Gents, I have been asked for the plans to be posted up a couple of times so here they are. They are very much still work in progress so take them for what they are. When I finish new bits I'll re-upload the plans. I'm reworking the side panels at the moment. Hopefully I'll have these done soon. Life as usual is pretty full on so it might be a little while. I just ask if you use them, credit Heatblur and Nick for the dimensions/scans that they provided for these. If you make something from the plans put it back into the DCS F-14 community for everyone to enjoy. The easiest
  13. Howdy Victory, Thats some some really nice work you have there. You are more than welcome to any of the stuff Dino and I have made. If you send him a pm he should be able to add you to be able to access them. I haven't seen Dino for a little while. If you haven't heard from him and want a copy of my lastest design give me a yell and I'll put it up for you. Not sure what your plans are with your panels but if your happy to host them here when they are done it would be greatly appreciated. The more resources in the same place the better. Let me know if I can help out with anything
  14. Thanks Cobra, Ohh you're on. They are my childhood dogs, they're all Shetland Sheepdogs. The latest models up on Dino's dropbox. Its includes the seat, centre pedestal and the side consoles. I've only built the pedestal so far so the rest will change as its built. Next up is to work an expansion to the side consoles to include the side of the aircraft and a metal rail to run the lenght of it. My crazy idea at the moment is to mounting the metal rail to a rubber boot, in hopes to make it vibrate to provide physical feedback. The latest bunch of youtube videos look amazing and being a
  15. Evening, Just a few more pics of the latest bits and bobs. Cheers, Mumbles
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