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  1. Excellent news. I hope you enjoy it!
  2. I'm seeing a similar level of performance drop for the hornet. About 20-30 frames less compared to the F-15 for example. I think you're right in that it's just the price of such a good looking cockpit :)
  3. According to your log, you're still on which is not the latest version and does not have the hornet. You'll need to update to first. Then you should be able to download the hornet without any issues.
  4. Odd that the updater is in the bin file. Could you try that same command just in your main DCS openbeta folder? By the way, if you want to quickly open the command line in a certain folder you can right click + shift and select "open command window here" in said folder.
  5. If you have to manually install the hornet module, you need to open a command terminal and enter: DCS_updater.exe install FA-18C Hopefully that works for you.
  6. I'm having the same problem. DCS just instantly closes and makes no attempt to download the hornet module. The autoupdate_log does not change after this either. I'm fairly sure this is my fault for messing around with installs because the repair tool doesn't fix it. Anyway, the same thing happened to me with the Persian Gulf, but I fixed it by manually installing the module through the command line. Does anyone know the specific name that DCS gives the hornet module in the download manager?
  7. The list just got updated. The AIM-7F and M models will be in the EA release.
  8. I'm having an issue where the maverick sight is no longer a collimated image, and now behaves like a flat image on the sight. I've attached a video to show what I mean. I've tried repairing, but I can't seem to fix the problem. Anyone know what might be happening here?
  9. That looks incredible. Are the MJ1 and MJ2 munitions modelled to have different effects on armoured vehicles?
  10. Can the C-model carry bombs on the centerline station? I've read about A-model marine hornets loading Mk82 and Mk83s on the centerline but I can't find any pictures of such a loadout. I also found this legacy hornet diagram that shows that double mounted bombs can be loaded on the centerline. Was this ever used?
  11. You can indeed slew a mav to the point where the DMT/LST is looking at. You need to uncage the mavericks after locking with the DMT. Here's a nice tutorial on how to do it:
  12. Oh absolutely. In terms of value for money nothing else comes close to much time I can put into a module. What worries me is the LHA - it would be great if we could get a solution there that doesn't split up the online playerbase.
  13. The problem is that the price is not limited to the plane itself. The main reason it costs more is that it will include the LHA (Not to mention the air-refueling capable Hercules as well - although that will be released to everyone). I would guess that RAZBAM plan on selling the LHA on its own (or maybe with a naval asset pack) for £10, hence the same increase to the price of the harrier. But it will not include a full campaign, which I imagine will also cost around £10 when it is released separately, so the problem becomes even more awkward. I really do hope this is not a trend for the next g
  14. The pocket guide does a good job of highlighting which systems are still in progress, so I would recommend taking a look at that. https://www.dropbox.com/s/rwxk88479v98thh/AV8BNA%20Pocket%20Guide.pdf?dl=0
  15. According to the new loadout chapter in the pocket guide yes it can do exactly that. From what I understand to manually select a AGM-122 you have to cycle through the gun mode selector on the STRS page on the MPCD until it is selected.
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