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  1. I have checked it with the latest update lighting at night is fixed now in the hornet and looks all good. took a pic:
  2. Last time I checked in DCS 2.7.0 The lighting in the hornet was wrong at night and MFD fonts can be really dim. It's DCS 2.7.0 issues I Think. Haven't checked it with the latest DCS update though.
  3. You can always use the toggle throttle detent key though to get it back on after the pre-recorded cutscene.
  4. I used DCS' cleanup and repair commands on windows powershell and now redownloading the modules with the authorization error. Finished redownloading the modules with the authorization error before and now it's working fine. yay!
  5. Same here my Supercarrier, F/A -18C and F-14 Modules all cannot be used because of failed authorization after updating to 2.7.
  6. I am not a fan of the Viper but if it's mandatory to fly with "Bones" then I'll have to get it lol
  7. I am a fan of both real world accurate fighter pilot campaign and the less accurate more dramatic kind of campaign like ace combat, though I do have issues with ace combat's arcade stuff. With this campaign, being a completely fictional story in a fictional world, allows some drama style goodness (or anime drama style goodness) that cannot be possible in a campaign that emulates real world accurate fighter pilot stuff. That's the beauty of it (waifu "Bones" lol) + it's not an arcade like ace combat. Baltic Dragon Raven One campaign's ass XO character "Saint" could easily be "silen
  8. When DCS has a female pilot 3d character model in the future will "Bones" fighter be updated with the said female pilot 3d character model inside? and perhaps with some custom customization too, to make it look like her. It's just too bad currently DCS has no female pilot 3d character model. "Starry" looks good enough with the current DCS male pilot 3d character model though not really anime like, the eyes needed some modification lol
  9. "Starry" should have recorded "Bones" in mkv format in the locker room because she's too sexy for just mp4 lol
  10. So who is your favorite character in the story?
  11. So did "Starry" film "Bones" in the locker room in mp4 format too? lol
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