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  1. Same here. Only works for player who host the mission. ¿Any idea? Tested with ARC-UD, ARC-9 and R-828
  2. Now I can confirm DataLink is working with last patch (openbeta). ¡Thank you!.
  3. Ok, I can't confirm DataLink is working. I don't know what is the reason (I must do more tests), but seems that works randomly. In my first test with a group of 4 units (all humans), the circles in abris works ever, but the transfer of data works randomly, worst if the group is more than two units. In another test with only two units (multiplayer), datalink data transfer worked, not as smooth than 2.5 release, but the transfer worked at second or third attempt. I will continue making tests, but yes, datalink is not working properly.
  4. Now it works. Thank you!. Still remains some things that could be fixed, like brightness of buttons in DataLink panel and K-041, and sometimes the send command to other units that fails.
  5. With the last patch of DCS 2.5 Open Beta, the circle of situation of flight members in the abris in map not showed, and no DataLink Transfer, either solo or multiplayer. I'm doing something wrong or is it a bug?. Checked all, numeral, rol, radio frequency, switches radio on...
  6. First of all, thank you for the mission!: I have enjoyed the mission very much and even though I haven't done a special job, it has made me happy to survive in combat. As a single suggestion, I would say that perhaps the mission should begin with a little more separation between the sides, so that the entry into combat could be better prepared.
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