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  1. English version is very important imo.. so hard to translate from russian to exact good meaning.. 3D specs are tough to get right ;)
  2. I have it it's fun with track ir ;)
  3. Something i always dislike about RC is that they do not respect weight/power ratio vs their real counterpart.. This make RC fly really uber.. :)
  4. Things need to be known from SSD drive Advantages: Faster start-up, as no spin-up is required (RAM & flash). Typically, fast random access for reading, as there is no read/write head to move (RAM & flash). Extremely low read latency times, as SSD seek-times are orders of magnitude lower than the best hard disk drives, as of 2008.[15] (RAM) In applications where hard disk seeks are the limiting factor, this results in faster boot and application launch times (see Amdahl's law)[16] (RAM & flash). Relatively deterministic read performance: unlike hard disk drives, performan
  5. Francous

    F-16 on FSX

    I have it too as well. Fun but as usual the FM from FSX make it funny.
  6. Any FPS or Quality differences ? with BS Thx I'm running actually the 185.20
  7. why run 16 ?.. well the problem is the TV res.. anyway so now did you understand for the minimum FPS ?
  8. Man yes 32 and 16... why? go up one notch on res and reduce this AA AF.. you kiil it,
  9. 32XSLIAA ...... why ? make no sens at high res .. Ok now i see SLI minimum 42 fps single card minimum is 16 fps ....... hum!!! Now what are the control profile settings ? Core driver settings as well ? Also this 1920x1080 resolution is not real good for SLI the *1080 is well too low but for now i can tell you that your SLI help a lot in the low range which is quite important. ;) Also if you really know your way around SLi you should run away from Via Nhancer ;)
  10. Zazz yes it should be fun if the futuristic planes performances are very respected to a certain global law or rules with the idea of the maker.. It is not bad to ask actually.. It could be a simulation but not an actual simulation.. You can do an Air combat futuristic simulation of the year 2059 as long as the physics are extremely respected . It can be real fun but hard . Never stop to imaginate and try ;) and never stop to ask questions. S~
  11. http://forums.ubi.com/eve/ubb.x?a=cfrm&f=13610606 It's still up. S~ PS: If you want some more up to date news, this DCS forum is the way to be and Official ;) .
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