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  1. It’s up for pre order on amazon. Maybe we’ll see sooner than later
  2. Has anyone tried flying as the rio wearing VR? Just wondering if it’ll make you sick.
  3. Out of sheer curiosity and my apologies if this is the wrong place To ask this but how are pimax pushing out headsets with larger FOV but the other major vendors are not?
  4. I’m a bit of an old hat too. Started off with the original falcon 4 and most major titles from there. I fly with VR and just can’t go back. I feel like the immersion, the feeling of being in the cockpit is just too good to rely on a monitor anymore. Basically I fly on two settings. If I’m going to fly a combat op. I set everything to the low option and bump up the pixel density to 2.5. If I’m just flying around for the fun of it I go as high as the settings will go without having to worry about slideshow effect. While this purely personal preference if keeps me in the cockpit and incredibly sa
  5. Has anyone else seen this? https://www.vive.com/eu/pro-eye/
  6. Learning a lot with this test piece. First of all make sure u have good walls. Prime the hell out of it before u sand. Prime and sand prime and sand. Once smooth we’ll see if the paint goes on well. Hopefully more tomorrow. Oh yes I have toothpaste in the word recesses. Maybe by Wednesday we’ll tey getting it out and see if it works.
  7. Sry guys. Haven’t been able to get back to it yet. Between work and dealing with a family issue life’s been hectic. Probably gonna rest it out next weekend as I have everything except time. As far as the dimensions, I reversed engineered from what I knew to be the display size and reverence images. I say this because they’re probably no where near accurate but it’s my build so I’m happy with how they’re coming along. Main displays screen sizes are 6x6in. The center color display is 5x5in based on the indie here: https://www.driven-technologies.com/simulated-flat-panel-displays/simulated-mil
  8. Yes that’s exactly what I’m going for. It sounds weird but I was thinking about using toothpaste to fill in the lettering and once finished painting just immerse in water or shower head or even a water pic for ur teeth. The water will dissolve the toothpaste and there u have it.....I hope. That’s what test prints are for tho:)
  9. Trying to upload pics. I hope this works.
  10. Brun, would you share ur switch models with me? I’m currwntly doing the same thing u are but for the F-15e with Modo and I’m lookibg for either the accurate dimensions or an accurate model of the switches. No biggie if u don’t want to tho. I understand how much work goes into these.
  11. Wow. I would have sworn that cnc’d. Beautiful work. I’m getting a creality cr -10s just for printing. Hopefully I can do half as good ur work. Thx
  12. Hey Blue. Can u tell us how you got the white lines and text on your fuel control panel?
  13. I agree too. I hope those with 3d printing skills will share their workflow and secrets with us. I’m getting a large printer for making F15E cockpit and need all the advice I can get.
  14. How did u do the lettering? I’m working on my panels for an F-15E and am gonna 3d print but now sure how to get all the lettering.
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