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  1. Does the line size change as we change the range in the TID?
  2. How its works? Added ability to enter length and heading associated with waypoints on TID.
  3. What is the mag var in this scenario? maybe this can be the problem?
  4. Hey guys, I just uploaded a video on youtube of mission two, it's in portuguese but I hope you like it
  5. Hi man, can you shared with me?
  6. Hey guys, I know that VAQ is only EA-18G, but I would like to request VAQ-141 Skin for F/A-18C, I love this skin and I like to do SEAD on my F/A-18C, Thanks.
  7. On F-14B, the pilot rearm first ALE-39 with 40 Chaff and 20 Flares, then he do rearm with aircraft weapon without change chaff and flare, after this, the page of kneeboard of pilot shows CMS with this configuration: C, F, C, C and in RIO kneeboard shows F,F,C,F.
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