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  1. Hello,I use Stable V F18 at 17000ft with 250kts In picture A nil weather input the Tpod gives a complete Kobuleti Apt picture. In B with weather Cloud base 4000ft and max thickness of 6500ft with density 10 the Tpod shows only the Apt but skips the technical and munition areas.Why?
  2. Hello, thanks for your reaction,I tried to designate in the right DDI in my stable version on the intersection of Kobulet Rwy with several redesignations in active Pause.As you can see in the screenshot the designation cross should have been at the white arrow.The left DDI gave the correct diamond camera postion resuting in a full hit.I still have the idea that the EXP mode presentation has a fault in the airport presentation as well as an 7 degrees.fault in heading of the AGradar.
  3. Used latest stable version and bombs GBU-38 [mode=TOO] on Target Kobuleti via Wpt2 [midpoint Rwy] when you designate the Wpt as Tgt it is difficult to find the X on the AG map radar because of color and brightnes of the X.Using EXP 2 and 3 looks OK but when you create a designation on the presented Rwy picture on EXP3 you can not hit that Rwy ,most probably because the presented airport overlay is not exact over the airport map position.So for IFR attacks is this AG radar so far useless! I also wonder why the AG radar heading differs 7 degrees from the HUD and HSI heading,so if you fly 270
  4. Jtac coordinates MDS MOD for F18 Swiftwin9s , Thank you for your professsional answer, you made my day,all problems solved !
  5. Jtac coordinates MDS MOD for F18 Hello, I have no idea about F16 but the F18 input for JTAC [ Precise Boxed ] Wpts for Lat and Lon you still needs a calculator to divide the last 4 numbers including the decimals [xx.xx ] by 60 to get the correct position for your litening pod pointing to the exact target position with Wptdsg. Needed for locating a taget [tank] under trees with FLIR.The Jtac info is only correct for Jdam input,then you need no correction [calculator] ! This is in DCS ,the MOD is Correct.:(
  6. Jtac coordinates MDS MOD for F18 Hello Ramsay thanks for your help,I think that the text and sound of the jtac must be [ N 41° 54.5170' E 41° 51.4560'] . So that you can put this direct into the UFC with precise boxed.Because you do not have to use a calculator anymore.
  7. Jtac coordinates MDS MOD for F18 Hello I installed last update MDS Mod for F18 using gbu 12 with Litening Pod.My created Tgt at Pos GG370436 [N41545170 E41514560 at 110ft ]Installed via UFC precise created a Wpt 3 that pointed my liteningpod CCD direct on my target and even without slewiing and after designating gave a perfect hit ! But the Text and Sound from JTAC gives not the correct position.I checked the Map and Lalt+y, the JTAC Coordinates [N41543104 E41512736 at 110ft ]does not bring your Liteningpod CCD on the Tgt,!It looks like they used the wrong Map page.Hopefully Mu 110 can re
  8. Hi Guys, I am using the stable version and used 3 moving targets heading away from me.Code i used 1688.When auto lock was folowing 1 target , the HUD gave me at 10nm the info ":in Range: when you start lasing [ TRIG Boxed} and releasig the MAV-E it will not hit the Target because the missile engine stopped and/or the auto stop lasing function is activated before she reached the target.So wait with Lasing and Releasing until 8 nm for the time being until ED has fixed this.Lasing at 8 nm and Release at 7 nmn works fine. Have Fun.
  9. Hello , until last update I was often [ not always] able to deliver 3 to 4 AGM 65-Fs on 4 moving targets in good and bad weather in one run ,using slewing in PTRK ,when using AGM 65-E I had to lase during the hole flighttime for that weapon but when lasing was not correct folowing the target I was able to slew the laser back on that target,only one AGM 65-E per run, this kind of operation was only possible because I was able to use slewing in ATRK and PTRK with automatic Lockon on moving targets when in range and in picture contrast and designated.The last Update gave us precise target positi
  10. In DCS 1,5 I used the 5 minutes Power saving mod from Microsoft and thatt worked fine after pausing a mission and is still working ok but in DCS 2.5 this is not working at all, so the screen never goes off and also the computer can not go to the sleeping mode,Maybe somebody knows a solution.:(
  11. Jtac coordinates Update from 17-11-2019 Mod -mu 110- Hello Thanks for fixing the coordinate problem so fast.All is working o.k now.Have a Merry Chritmas and a Happy New Year.
  12. Jtac coordinates Update from 17-11-2019 Mod -mu 110- Hello I created a single Tgt and a Jtac. The Map info = GG 32337 36240 and N 41.50.638 E 41.47.907 for the Tgt . In the DD mod the Call/text from Jtac is GG323 362 and N 41.50.38, E 41.47.90 this point is 0,26NM South of the Actual Tgt position in the Map [F10]. For longitude the Jtac used the first 6 numbers of E 41.47.907 ! and for lattitude you have to use the first 6 numbers from N 41.50.638. [ i.s.o. N 41.50.38 to get the accurate position the 38 at the end must be 63]. The DMS Mod is working Fine.Thanks for the Mod. Hopefully thi
  13. When I made a waypoint and changed it in the UFC into a Target all is working fine,so the bomb fall line in the air is visable and the auto system is working.As soon as you use your nosewheel in Hi on the ground { keyboard S ] or in the Air it is not possible to get the Target designation back in the HUD and also there is no bomb fall line.Is there a solution for this?
  14. Keyboard entries Hi jojo, thanks for your reaction ,all is working fine now and also the lat/lon Mod from yoyo is useable but the sound and tekst are not fully correct.I was not able to contact yoyo .Best Regards
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