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  1. Hello everyone Just wanted to ask if there was any post about f-16c interactive training update, as now it only has the 3 missions ( training section ) i like the interactive mission training in most modules as it lets you learn aircraft fast am i missing a post about the progress of those missions ? Many thanks.
  2. i think mapped a button on throttle as well, comm and push to talk now separte it is working, sorry to bother.
  3. Also please let me know if i have post this in other sub forum Thanks.
  4. hello team, i just started playing the spitfire campain, mission 1 (latest dcs open beta ) - i take off after giving radio orders for formation, etc - after 1 - 2 minutes into filght i cannot open radio menu, the mapping for it stops working, the key mapping is the default '\' which works at the beginning of the mission, i like this campaign environment when fly around, but itt is a shame radio button stops working Could you please help
  5. Honestly guys i took some blind shots not evidence approach troubleshooting and i deleted DCS openalpha directory from saved games , and then let game create it there also i did a repair on installation from CMD however i am still reviewing old logs to see what might be a possible cause @ Unread 12-13-2017, 01:02 PM #2 amazingme thanks for answer anyway everything working fine for me now regards
  6. i recently updated to 2.2 openalpha , since then cannot join serves even though these servers are fo 2.2 or perhaps i am mistaken ++ side note can i enable some sort of debug with keeps logs in game directory or something to that effect ? just to troubleshoot further as i am pretty sure it is not a network or security problem what happens is i join a server and it keeps loading for 10 minutes or so then back to main menu with no exit message e.g connection time out or something please help , or perhaps i need 2.1 to join multiplayer again
  7. understood , thank you so much for prompt reply : ) will check the roll out
  8. I started mission 1 to discover there is no radio chatter even when we redevouz with tanker , wingman is not talking tanker ( magic ) is not talking i play with no easy communications , and radio assist , also audio is set like in helmet option , can someone please assist i tried uninstalling the campaign and installing it again all other campaigns have radio chatter on triggered events i cannot play the campaign this way : ( please assist
  9. hello guys , i had an inquiry started mission ` on the campaign and i receive no radio chatter aat all , i rendevouz with the tanker but no radio at all : ( my dcs world setup is with no easy communication or radio assist option ? i tried using both of them just for this campaign with no luck ? anyone face something like this ? i need urgent help
  10. wolfbaron

    NVG Mod

    we really need the original Mod folks to bring this alive , i need this in my night mission : )
  11. Hello Guys , i get this when i load the campaign Need modules for load mission: WWII Armour and Technics i tried manually installing uninstalling WWII from CMD however i cannot see it installed any hints ? i activated all of the following Spitfire( shows in module manager ) Normandy ( shows in module manager ) WWII assets pack ( never showed ) perhaps my modding destroyed something i did full repair also , does not help , Appreciate your help
  12. Wait for the rework , looks very promising : )
  13. thank you so much i think i will go with program 5 ,it is closest to my desired release PS: is there any forum thread for latest mod . i think there was great mods for lock on , and now community is not updating that much i already downloaded some user files like campaign patches
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