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  1. Hey @CommandT! Nothing ready just quite yet. Still waiting on some things to line up re: Bold Cheetah.
  2. Thank you, Steve! I haven’t ran through the campaign in a couple of patches, I hope you enjoy it. Please let me know if you run into any issues. cheers! sedlo
  3. The guy talking about it flies a Viper and says all US fighters.
  4. Understood. An IRL Hornet pilot I talked to said they use Degrees/Minutes/Decimal minutes, plus with the podcast interview saying basically the same thing, I think it might be worth a further look. :-)
  5. I'll start off by saying I have never dropped a JDAM in real life, let alone flown an aircraft capable of it. But from what I understand from one person who has, is that the programming of the weapon is in degrees, minutes/decimal minutes NOT minutes, seconds/decimal seconds. It's also a referenced a bit in this podcast: https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/afterburn-warbirdradiocom/e/78074378?autoplay=true at the 37:33 mark, where they talk about given targets in dd mm ss.ss and it was incompatible with their jet. It's Air Force, but the joint in JDAM would lend itself to inter-servic
  6. Hornet for sure, not sure if this will be incorporated into the Viper or not.
  7. Just going to re-up this, I think it's important to get right.
  8. That script referenced in the link I shared is exactly the solution (if you want to have a message triggered when an F-16 takes on a certain level of fuel). Quite viable. If you want to take your missions to the “next level”, you’re going to have to learn how to do it with the tools you have. The “daily typhoon” of questions can almost always be answered with a little searching, or asking outright. It’s up to you to take the advice offered or not.
  9. The answer you're looking for lies in the DCS scripting engine, and in various clues on the internet. Check out: https://wiki.hoggitworld.com/view/Simulator_Scripting_Engine_Documentation and don't be afraid to ask questions of the scripting gurus here, on Hoggit and other places. ED doesn't break down what cockpit triggers do what because it's not what they're about. They put out the product, give you a UI mission editor and that's pretty much all they need to do. They do leave the door open for you to run scripts, which is pretty cool. I think of it as an open invitation to mod
  10. I've got a version of Eastern Friendship for the Viper... It's not put into campaign format, but you can play through missions 1-4 if you're interested. Have a look through here: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/?set_filter=Y&arrFilter_pf[filetype]=&arrFilter_pf[gameversion]=&arrFilter_pf[filelang]=&arrFilter_pf[aircraft]=561&arrFilter_DATE_CREATE_1_DAYS_TO_BACK=&CREATED_BY=sedlo&sort_by_order=TIMESTAMP_X_DESC&set_filter=Filter
  11. There still may be a way to do what you want by script, but it’s beyond me. Sorry.
  12. OK, I guess in order to get that you can add your statics to the map and make some individual zones near them, like this: Then add explosions in each zone of different intensities. And then you might end up with something like this:
  13. @Veteran66, try this : local ExplodeThis = Unit.getByName('myUnit'):getPoint() trigger.action.explosion(ExplodeThis, 200) Just re-read your post.... You can adjust the explosion power to adjust amount of damage... What exactly are you trying to go for? The error you encounter seems to be you have not put the correct unitname into the script.
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