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  1. Thanks for the list. For me also some bigger monument or buildings a missing and not in the list. Normandy did a good job in adding those landmarks. Syria the same. Things I would like to see in addition to the list above (ok, mainly medieval stuff ) Rochester Castle Bodiam Castle Canterbury Cathedral Rochester Cathedral
  2. Hi @K-51! If possible, please put me on the list. Do you need any further information? Regards Skyfire
  3. You just have to add it in one of the two autoexecs to work, BUT take care when you want to disable it again, that you also disable both.
  4. No problem - I think it's again a link to a channel. I guess this is only possible, If one is already on the Discord Server. So what you need, if you want this is invite people the Discord server of yours :-o
  5. Hi! Thanks for the work and releasing it to the public. I tried to access the discord you mentioned, but it's seems to be a link to a channel, which is not working for me. Is this intended?
  6. I can confirm this problem with the real slingload activated in the demo mission from the CTLD github. I am having the same issue as I like to have it on our server. https://github.com/ciribob/DCS-CTLD/blob/master/test-mission%20-%20real%20slingload.miz
  7. Check Pikeys signature. https://forums.eagle.ru/member.php?u=62835 I think he has something for you. With his scripts you can define scenery targets that have to be destroyed.
  8. Hi! Another log is attached here. Stracktrace from the log: 2020-07-05 07:47:43.218 INFO EDCORE: try to write dump information 2020-07-05 07:47:43.220 INFO EDCORE: # -------------- 20200705-074743 -------------- 2020-07-05 07:47:43.222 INFO EDCORE: DCS/ (x86_64; Windows NT 10.0.18363) 2020-07-05 07:47:43.223 INFO EDCORE: C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\bin\DCS.exe 2020-07-05 07:47:43.224 INFO EDCORE: # C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION at 7CFF39D7 00:00000000 2020-07-05 07:47:43.226 INFO EDCORE: SymInit: Symbol-SearchPath: '.', symOptions: 534, U
  9. It does work and help. Recenter VR recenters to the view you configured with RAlt+Num0. In other words, get yourself a suitable position with the help of recenter and the rest of of NumX buttons. For me it's normally height and distance to the cockpit front. When in a comfortable position, store it with RAlt+Num0. Now, when pressing Recenter, it will take the position you stored last in RAlt+Num0.
  10. In the bottom middle of the Mixed Reality Portal is a "play/pause" button which get's visible when you move the mouse in the screen. Press "pause" (two vertical bars) and the mirror should be gone.
  11. Hi! I put my mod together with a simple mission that contains a hot and a cold A-10C on a roadstrip. Nothing there just the FARP with it's markings. The mod itself is included. Spawning and Rearm/Refueling is possible. The definition of the FARP is nearly exactly the same lua wise. I only added another method of placing the object on the ground. (positioning = "BYNORMAL",) With the help of the ModelViewer you can enable the visualization of the collision model. In my attached mod you can see, that the object used consists just of faces. The ground collision object is not modelled fr
  12. +1 ... thanks for the suggestions. It's quite annoying.
  13. Hi Gizzy! Your SteamVR settings got me confused. My Percentage values are quit different to yours, whereas I also have the same HP-Reverb here. If set to 100% I get about 25XX x 25XX resolution. To get about 2160 I have to set it down to about 72%. Have you changed something in DCS or the WMR settings? I got those values with an old version of Windows, but with the current version, those values have changed a few month ago. Regards Skyfire
  14. This is my entry to the skin contest. It's also a semi fictional variant. The livery is based on some images I came across on the internet when searching for some nice livery. According to this picture and some infos gathered here http://luftwaffeprofiles.blogspot.com/2014/09/focke-wulf-190-a6-2jg-1-oesau-black-3.html the skin was used by the 2./JG 1 in the Netherlands on their Focke Wulf 190 A6's. Skin can be downloaded here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=19BC2_zBbrp2uhEqURk0JDrQ8SS9RYAjP The variant provided has double digit bort numbers.
  15. Fantastic update! Thanks Ugra Media!!! It's really a big improvement. Looking forward to some updates in the UK part and the Syria Map!!!
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