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  1. In our squadron same issues appears on 24/7 machine server. Solved after de-select and select again box "run as administrator" for DCS.exe Maybe this action help you......... or not. Regards
  2. You´re misunderstanding me, on youe first post you choose a picture(c15-59) with a fail on paint work (sometimes happen), usually dosnt fix this til next full paintjob, anyway i dont want to discuss anymore, youre the master of the universe in this field PS ALA46 dosnt have MLU, only paintwork(incluiding false cockpit like ala12 and 15) , bye master of everything. PS 2 for sure i can attach a pic with measuring tape, but not for you, only if the ED team request it C U :thumbup:
  3. Then, i assume im wrong and i need glasses because i work with they since 2001, each day during pre-flights, post-flight inspections. The words from SKATEZILLA are we are looking for to explain diameter and roundel sizes/proportions. P.S Please mate
  4. All this pics was taken before MLU, after this and including 462sqn with new paint, the roundels have the same proportion and are equal in each color width Regards
  5. Because they have planned only 121 and 151 sqn, not 462sqn But is a good option to have our 3 operators with skins :thumbup:
  6. Information about Reg Numbers and co-relation in 12Th Wing(121/122sqn) and 15Th Wing (151/152/153sqn) sent by MP to ED staff Regards From Spain
  7. Then, if there is a fault related to that system, caution G LIM 7.5 appears and we will know that something is not right. what a wonderful systems this plane offers to us :thumbup:
  8. You mean a version that does not have wing-fold? Anyway that version remains the G-Override, no?
  9. In the last image of mini updates is showed the CAUTIONS on L DDI. We can see L ATS caution, i think than this caution must be no displayed because L ATS caution is only when ATS (L or R) are with overspeed or ATSCV did not cut airflow from APU/CROSSBLEED when affected engine its about 60/62 % RPM and generator is online. Do you think so? Or i´m wrong? This is my doubt. Regards
  10. As Retu81 said, but especified. REGARDS
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