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  1. Anyway, lesson learned. After getting shafted on the Anton and now the Viper too, I will *never* buy a product in pre-sales again and will be advising the 6000 people in the DCS forum I run to do the same.
  2. That's how all their EA aircraft should be priced. We should be rewarded for being early adopters. When it's a full module, *then* charge full price.
  3. This week? Unannounced? Just the Viper? That's weird. And it says there's only 23 hours left to get this deal, not a week. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1090850/DCS_F16C_Viper/ Those of us who bought it in pre-sales only got 20% off. Same thing happened with the Anton, which went on 50% off sale after only being out for 4 months (and most of that time, broken beyond playability). They're teaching us a lesson here.
  4. Ah. I haven't been around any in multiplayer yet. Confirmed it doesn't happen with static P-51s.
  5. It seems to be the AI P-51. Static didn't do it and my own P-51 didn't do it but AI ones do and never stop, regardless of what phase of the flight they're in or if the engine is even going. It's just non-stop popcorn.
  6. Yeah, colored smoke does that in all planes. Very unrealistic. (It should get more dispersed and transparent but not turn to white.) We need much longer smoke persistence too. (I'm assuming there's a value in a .lua file somewhere that can be tweaked for that as the Virtual Airshow yesterday had nice, long lasting smoke, and they said they were running stock DCS except for the airshow stand scenery models. Can that be turned up? Or if it's a performance thing, can we have a setting for it like we do for the chimney smoke?)
  7. Yeah, it's really bad. Also it comes on at zero G, which isn't stressful to the body at all. I've also had it stick on and, while the ringing went away, the aircraft sound never returns. The physiological G effects in DCS need an across the board review. It's ridiculously sensitive right now, particularly in the negative G regime. -1 G (the same as you'd experience hanging upside down while stationary) is enough to induce redout then blackout. Have you ever crashed, gone inverted, then had your pilot black out merely from hanging inverted from his straps? It should take hours before anythin
  8. Exactly. Does it mean the dispersion radius is now 66% of what it was? i.e. the same as reduced by 33%? What does "diminished" mean? If a number is diminished by 1.5 times itself it is now negative half itself. Someone else suggested to me it might be statistical, as in bullets are 1.5 times more likely to hit the spot aimed at. But that doesn't make any sense either as there's no scale to how big the target spot is. If they were having a sale, would they say, "Prices now diminished by 1.5 times"?
  9. I fly this sim for realism. Wake me up when the feature is realistic. That's all.
  10. *Eventually* users should do that but they can't do that now as the feature set is pitifully small. (A global chat *room*? In an aircraft sim with a radio paradigm? No idea what you guys are even thinking there, other than it's probably lifted straight from the open source example. This shouldn't be that hard, and there's no reason why it shouldn't have launched fully functional instead of being rolled out piecemeal over who knows how long.) And you think your software doesn't have to be "messed with" or is "easy"? Do you think it just "plugs in and goes"? Seriously? When you have someth
  11. From following these threads, it's not sounding to me like it works well. SRS does work well and works with the plane radios. If you haven't used it you don't know what you're missing. And it seems a little odd that a professional installation would be afraid of running a second piece of server software. That's trivial. And, again, actually *works* with the *full* feature set that's a very long way off for DCS. (Phase 3 was the plan? 4?)
  12. Why would you not use SRS? At the rate this feature is getting developed it's going to be a LONG time before it reaches the capabilities of SRS.
  13. That's how the saying goes. And it's true!
  14. Surely. But their spaghetti code (Kate's own term) isn't our fault. This is the technical debt they've been building up for years, coming home to roost.
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